Is Santorini worth a visit? Is it worth the hype?

Hey, travel FAM! You have always been dreaming about visiting this beautiful Greek island? But you are wondering if Santorini worth a visit? Santorini is probably the most beautiful island of the Cyclades but is it too crowded now? Are the prices too high? We will give you all our impressions in this post read on!

Is Santorini worth a visit? Is it worth the hype?

We went to Santorini 2 years ago, in September 2017, before people went crazy about this destination and it was very different. Of course, it is still a wonderful destination but to avoid you being disappointed I will just let you know a few things that have changed!

It is very crowded

First of all, I know this island is so unique! The white houses, the blue domes, the village of Oia… The landscapes in Santorini are so picturesque. But since this island has become “Insta famous”, it is very very very crowded. And the streets in Oia are small, so you can imagine when tourist groups are visiting the city… If you are a photographer/content creator and you want to go to Santorini to take photos… You can forget this idea! Unfortunately, hundreds of tourists are visiting this small town at the same time. It is sometimes hard to walk in the streets. You will say, ok no worries I will wake up early? humm let me tell you that there is another problem!

It is hard to take photos in Santorini

You need to know that most of the beautiful spots you see on Instagram are located in Oia and are “private”. It means that you are not allowed to go to these spots to take photos. The door behind will be closed. And if you try to reach to the spot you will be yelled by the locals and even by tourists who are staying near the spot…! For other spots like the sunset spot, it is open to the public but there are so many people that it is very hard to capture a photo!

The most beautiful hotels are really expensive

You also need to know that the most beautiful hotels are really expensive. However, if you are visiting Santorini on a budget, you can totally find affordable hotels around 100$ per night even in the village of Oia.

But it’s a must to see!

This island is absolutely incredible and unique! You need to go there at least once! The village of Oia is a gem. All the houses are white and the churches have a blue dome. It is very picturesque. We have visited several islands of the Cyclades and I have to admit that Santorini will always be my favorite.

A few information about Santorini

When is the best time to visit Santorini?

Firstly, If you want to visit Santorini you should avoid July and August because it is the high season in Europe. You can go there in April/May or in September. It will be still crowded but a little bit less. And the weather will be really nice.

You can also read our ultimate travel guide to Santorini to know all the most beautiful places to visit, where are the best restaurants, the best hotels and what budget to plan.

How to go there?

You can easily reach Santorini by ferry from the port Piraeus. Frequent ferries and high-speed catamarans link Santorini with Athens’ main port of Piraeus, Crete and various Cycladic islands. Your best bet for ferry timetables is OpenSeas.

Also, Santorini Airport has year-round flight connections with Athens and, summertime European connections.

How to get around on the island?

One of the best ways to visit the island is to take the local bus. It is really cheap and it goes from the airport to Imerovigli and to Oia.

You can also rent a quad or a car. You can easily find agencies everywhere on the island. It will costs you around 20$ per day for an ATV and 30$ for a car.

Where to stay? What are the best hotels?

Luxury hotels

If you can afford it, you can stay in the beautiful hotels you can see on social media. You will have a beautiful private villa with an infinity pool, a hot tub and a view of the Aegean sea or a cave room with a jacuzzi. It’s an amazing experience. Like the Cavo Tagoo Santorini (photo at the right).

Affordable hotels

If you are visiting Santorini on a budget, I promise you can also find amazing Airbnb or small boutique hotels for a reasonable price! The VIP caves suites is a really nice hotel with affordable prices (photo at the left).

You can also read our guide about the best hotels in Santorini!

You are planning to visit Santorini?

To conclude, we hope this post will be helpful for you! To answer the question “Is Santorini worth a visit“? I will say yes and 1000 times yes! Even if this island can be really crowded and the hotels are expensive, we promise you will not be disappointed by the beauty of Santorini! If you are planning to visit Greece, you can also read our Mykonos travel guide!


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