The best hotels in Santorini

Today lets talk about the best hotels in Santorini! This Greek island located in the Cyclades is for us the most beautiful one. We have been there 2 years ago for the first time and we totally fell in love with this island. Santorini has so much charm and is so picturesque! The cities are made of white buildings and the churches have a blue dome. Honestly, even if it is very touristy and crowded, this island is a must to see. You need to see this island at least once in your life. No island in the world is like Santorini! If you are planning to go there in 2020, you should also read our ultimate travel guide to Santorini.

How to get to Santorini?

Santorini is located between Milos, Ios, Sifnos, and Mykonos in the Cyclades. To reach this island you first need to book a flight to Athens airport and then you have several solutions.

You can either take another intern flight to Santorini with Aegean Airlines or Olympius. We have already been to Santorini with Aegean airlines and we had a nice experience. Or you can take a ferry. Taking the ferry is a good solution if you want to visit several islands near Santorini during the same trip. There are several ferry website but we personally used Direct ferry several times and we had a great experience.

Travel tip: book your ferry in advance because the prices are increasing very quickly and they have limited seats!

Once you have arrived in Santorini, you can book a van or a taxi to get to your hotel. Your hotel can arrange the transfer for you, or you can directly take a taxi or a shared van with other tourists at the airport.

The best hotels in Santorini

Chromata Santorini

Chromata Santorini is our absolute favorite hotel and is for us one of the best hotels in Santorini. This hotel is located in Imerovigli, in the center of the island. The hotel is a small boutique hotel with only a few rooms and is a member of the leading hotels of the world. We really just felt the two of us in the hotel.


This hotel is the perfect mix of luxury and minimalist. Everything is white and there are the main pool and several jacuzzis. The access to the main pool is free for all the guests. The access to the jacuzzis is depending on which room you have booked. Even if there is a jacuzzi with free access.

The rooms

The hotel has an incredible view of the Aegean Sea and the volcano. The traditional cave rooms are spacious and luxurious. The bed was really comfy. You can have breakfast on your terrace which is amazing. You just have to call the restaurant the day after and you can choose what you would like to have for breakfast. They have pancakes, fresh juices, fruits, cereals, or Cappuccinos.


There are several restaurants. The main one is our favorite. It was a view of the main pool and the Aegean Sea. You can try typical Greek food as pita bread and other vegetarian dishes as greek salads. You also have a sushi bar but we didn’t try this one.

Cavo Tagoo Santorini

I also loved the Cavo Tagoo Santorini. Which is also for me one of the best hotels in Santorini. This luxury hotel is located near Oia and is a bigger hotel. You have probably already seen photos of this hotel on social media.

The villas

The villas are absolutely incredible. The decoration is made of white and wood. There are different kinds of villas, some have a private pool and others have a private jacuzzi. But all have a private terrace with of view of the Sea.

The restaurant

The hotel has a main restaurant which is really nice. You can have lunch or dinner and try typical greek dishes. Also, you can have breakfast by the pool. It’s really fun. They have everything we can imagine: pancakes, waffles, fresh juices, fruits and so on.

VIP suites Oia

This one is a little bit different because it is not a luxury hotel but a small hotel located in the heart of Oia. The location is absolutely perfect if you want to visit Oia. And the price is more affordable if you are visiting Santorini on a budget. This one has an excellent price-quality ratio.

The rooms

The typical cave rooms are really nice, the bed was comfy. There are 2 jacuzzis for the hotel guests. Also, when you arrive at the entrance of Oia, you will be welcome at the reception and someone will help you with your luggage until the rooms. They are located 10 minutes walking to the reception.

The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant but I can highly recommend you having dinner at the Candouni restaurant in the heart of Oia. We have eaten amazing typical greek dishes there.

You are planning to visit Santorini in 2020?

We hope you like this post about the best hotels in Santorini! And that it will help you decide which hotel you are going to book for your next vacation!


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