Our portfolio travel photographer

Welcome to our travel and aventure world! We are Chiara Barrasso and J-E Lafaille, a couple both travel photographer and filmmaker! We are fiances but also a duo sharing the same passions. Since we met in 2011 we have been exploring our amazing world and living for the adventure. What we love the most? Discovering untouched and wild places, meeting souls around the globe and observing animals free in their natural habitat. What makes us really happy is capturing forever an emotion, a unique moment, a light, a movement. Something special that will last forever through the way of our lenses. Just in case you missed it… We are both crazy about free diving and scuba diving, so get ready to see many underwater photos! For us, there is just nothing more peaceful and relaxing than being underwater. A pisces and a cancer together, how could it have been different ? I mean, we are half human half fish, it’s like we were a mermaid and a sailor !

Here are our very favorites travel memories from all around the world. Asia, Africa, Americas, Oceania and even our beautiful Europe. You will see our favorites drone shots but also underwater ones and not only! If you are looking for a travel photographer and filmmaker, let’s work together! We will be more than happy to create minimalist, authentic and original photos for you and your brand. We do love creating unique photographies that tells your story. Whatever you are a tourism board, a hotel, a travel agency, a transport company, or a brand. You can contact us by filling the form. You can also join us on Youtube for more adventures!