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We are Chiara and J-E, a couple of photographers & filmmakers truly passionate about travel and adventure. What do we love the most ? The contact with nature, wild places, the underwater world, meeting animals in their natural habitat and living raw and unique experiences…

But also capturing these moments through photography and video to be able to keep memories and share them to inspire others people to travel. This is why we have create more than 100 travel guides for you!

For us, traveling also means being closer to nature. Throughout our travels, we have become more aware of the need to take care of our beautiful planet. This is why we are invested in the preservation of the environment and in the animal cause.

Through this travel blog, we want to inspire you to travel but also to live the life that you want. Because traveling is not a luxury, it is a way of life, accessible to everyone. Becoming a digital nomad and being able to work while traveling is possible!

Join us on Instagram, Tik Tok and Youtube to travel with us! We are really happy to have created an awesome community of travelers over the years and to be able to inspire each other!

If you want to create professional photos and videos with us, contact us on Gioia Visuals Production! We will be happy to create the visuals you need!




“It all started 11 years ago on a beach in Hendaye, on the Basque Country, south of France. It was love at first sight. We quickly started traveling together. Our common passions for adventure, nature and creation have given us incredible experiences together. »

Our first trip together to Mallorca in 2012 marked the beginning of a new life: a life whose priority is travel, adventure and discovery. But also creativity: by becoming photographers and videographers we were able to become digital nomads and work while traveling.

We are based in Provence, near Marseille, under the song of the cicadas! But we are often around the world exploring and creating. For us, travel is a way of life. And creating and sharing are an amazing way to express ourselves and to connect with others.

Through this travel blog, our Youtube channel and our other social networks, we want to inspire the traveler in you. Share our experiences and travel guides with you. But also help you live from your passion and be able to travel more. Becoming a digital nomad is the possibility of creating the life that suits you. We are both super happy to have you here and being able to inspire you to live the life you want to live!

Chiara & JE


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