Belvedere hotel Mykonos

“Our story is one of change and preservation, tranquility and recreation, where luxury is built to last”

We have recently stayed at the wonderful Belvedere hotel Mykonos, a member of the leading hotels of the world. We absolutely loved to stay there. This luxury boutique hotel is perfectly located in the heart of Mykonos old town. Also, this hotel is rooted in the tradition of age-old splendor. Indeed, elegantly shifting through the decades, it has carried the essence of old Mykonos into the modern age. But also transforming nostalgia into a genuinely social hospitality experience. Anchored in Cycladic elegance, the Belvedere Hotel’s exclusive accommodation options steer clear of passing trends, investing in timeless materials that age beautifully. No two rooms are alike, creating a variety of Mykonian microclimates where thoughtfulness is key.

Moreover, the hotel is divided into four parts: the Belvedere Main hotel rooms and suites, the Hilltop complex rooms and suites the water front villas and, the Venice Pied-à-Terres. You can choose which one is the best for your stay. The first one is the main part of the hotel. It includes several luxurious rooms and suites, a main pool. But also three restaurants including a Nobu restaurant, two bars, and a Six Senses spa. Also, there is the new Hilltop complex that we really loved. It is composed of several spacious and luxury rooms and suites located on the Hill. We stayed one night at the Hilltop rooms and suites and we absolutely loved our stay!

The Belvedere hotel Mykonos

Main hotel rooms and suites

To begin with the main hotel rooms and suites, this part is made up of seven pristine white buildings that perfectly blend into a harmonious microcosm. The Belvedere Hotel is a world unto itself. You can get to know your neighbors or savor your privacy as you take up residence in a landmark property in the heart of Mykonos Town.

Hilltop complex rooms and suites

Next, the Hilltop complex is located on the top of the hill, only 250 meters driving from the Belvedere. Moreover, this new residential accommodation is ideal for travelers seeking proximity to Mykonos and also privacy and impeccable hotel service. Indeed, the Hilltop complex has more spacious rooms and suites.

This is where we stayed. We had a wonderful villa with a private terrace, a pool and an amazing view of the Aegean sea. The villa was really spacious and we loved the minimalist and chic decoration. We could really feel the vintage, retro and luxury vibes. Also, we loved the area, it was really quiet and perfect for privacy. We really advise you to stay there if you are a couple or a family.

Waterfront villas & suites

Then, the waterfront villas and island suites are an elevated solution for guests who prefer to surround themselves with a crowd of their own making. These villas and suites are outstanding and have gorgeous sunset views.

Little Venice Mykonos Pied-à-terre

Also, this part of the hotel is set on one of world’s most photographed Mykonos location, the little Venice. Indeed, the Little Venice Pied-à-Terre apartments are ideal for hip travelers that seek a little privacy while at the same time wish to experience the signature Belvedere Hotel level of service, comfort and hospitality. All luxury apartments enjoy breathtaking sea and sunset views and have everything you need from modern audio system to a fishing rod!

The restaurants and bars of the Belvedere hotel Mykonos

Matsuhisa Mykonos

The hotel has several amazing restaurants. The first one is Matsuhisa Mykonos which is the best sushi restaurant in Mykonos. The chief of the restaurant is the famous Nobu Matsuhisa. It’s the first Matsuhisa open-air restaurant in the world with an outdoors sushi bar. You can sit on the terrace surrounded by bougainvillea vines.

Thea Estiatorio

The Thea Estiatorio is a traditional Greek restaurant. It is one of the best Greek restaurants in Mykonos. By the way, it was recently granted with a Greek cuisine award. The menu celebrates authentic Greek cooking for a non-traditional audience. You can try here reimagined local dishes. The location of this restaurant is incredible. It is located on a small terrace with stunning views of the island and offering a private dining experience for up to 30 people.

Rise and Shine breakfast

Although late nights have become the norm at the Belvedere Hotel, the Rise and Shine Breakfast beckons each morning between 8:00 and 11:00 like your reliable best friend. No matter what you did the night before, you will always return to this artisanal spread, a revolving door of Greek and international delicacies that’s slightly different each day.

Belvedere Bar

Next, we experienced the Belvedere bar during our stay and we loved having cocktails here. This bar is located near the main pool. During the high season, in summer, you can enjoy the Mykonos vibes, dance and drink amazing cocktails by the pool. By the way, we tried the cocktails and they are absolutely amazing! We advise you to try the pink mojito!

Fully renovated in 2007, the Belvedere Bar is the breeziest bar in Mykonos to get your rocks off on the entire island, combining three different shades of blue, the pool, the sea, and the horizon.

Sunken watermelon

This bar was originally created to celebrate the Belvedere’s 20th Anniversary and designed by Concept Boarding. The Sunken Watermelon Cocktail Bar offers a concise cocktail list curated by mixologist extraordinaire Christos Chouseas.

Six Senses Spa

Also, the Belvedere has also a Six Senses spa. This spa has an amazing concept of encouraging guests to explore life within their own bodies. But also to renegotiate their personal boundaries, the Six Senses Spa, instantly connecting with the Mykonian lifestyle. It inhabits a serene space, that gently stimulates body and mind in search of that sixth sense. They propose a variety of face, body treatments and massages that are absolutely amazing.

Indeed, if you are in a poolside state of mind, you can choose a body treatment that will stimulate your circulation and metabolism. Or, you can choose a personalized yoga program that will help you achieve long-term bliss for the remainder of your stay.

Venyx Boutique by Eugenie Niarchos

If you are going to the Venyx boutique, you can find beautiful fine jewelry. Venyx by Eugenie Niarchos is about innovative designs that break the rules of the more traditional jewellery, creating innovative and luxurious jewels.

The Belvedere shop

Dabbling in the art of recollection, the Belvedere luxury shopping experience is the best way to crystallize your summer memories from Mykonos into wearable souvenirs.

A relaxing experience at the Belvedere hotel

To conclude, we can say that we had an amazing experience at the Belvedere hotel. For us, this is one sincerely of the most beautiful hotels in Mykonos. We loved the architecture, the ambiance, the vintage vibes, and the hospitality. We really felt like home. If you are looking for a beautiful luxury villa with a pool and privacy but also proximity with Mykonos old town you will love this place! You can book your stay here!

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