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    Also, we are engaged for the environment and the animals, and it is very important for us to be aware of our impact on the world, and to let a positive one in the places we are traveling to.

    Through this blog, we would like to inspire the wanderlust in you and make you want to travel more and discover our beautiful world! But also help you to take care of our planet!

    We are really happy to share our travel journey with you all and to have you here! If you want to travel with us around the world and if you need tips and tricks about destinations, sustainability or photography, welcome here! Feel like home!

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    Why go vegan? Our experience after 3 years

    Why go vegan? Our experience after 3 years

    Hi guys! We became vegan almost 3 years ago and I often get asked in my daily life why and how we decided to become vegan? That’s a very good question! I will answer today here. I know it’s a…

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