How to build a community on social media

Hey beautiful people! Today we are talking about marketing and social media! I wanted to talk about something everyone is wondering: How to build a community on social media? That is the big question! Either you are a content creator, a brand or even an agency; this post will help you!

I will share my experience with you on social media and reveal you all the well kept secrets of the industry! I have been creating content for my own brand on social media and specifically on Instagram for more than 3 years now. So I would be really happy to share everything I have learned out there and being able to help you!

So, whatever, if you are a content creator, a brand, an agency or just a curious (I know you are so many and I am too! haha), this post is for you! Are you ready? Let’s start!

Build a community on social media

Content is the key

The first thing and one of the most important to know is that content is the key! Your content is what you are sharing with your audience (photos, videos, stories). Keep in mind that your Instagram account is your portfolio. It is showing to brands/clients your value, your potential, your photography skills, your personality through your edit and what kind of photo you are able to create (travel, lifestyle, fashion, bikini, fitness and so on).

The quality of the content is really important. But remember that you don’t need to invest in an expensive camera at the beginning. I mean, basically if you are shooting with a phone but you actually understand photo composition and light, you are certainly more powerful than someone with a great camera who doesn’t know how to use it! If you are interested in photography, you should read my blog post about “beginning in photography“!

Authenticity: be true!

For me, authenticity is even more important! If you want to build a solid and long term relationship with your community: be true to yourself! Don’t lie to your followers and don’t use them to make money. You should never accept collaborations with brands you don’t like and promote products you are not using in your real life. Anyway, that won’t be useful because it will work only in a short term way. People are not stupid, they will clearly see it. And these persons are trusting you, they are worthing to have real tips/advice. For me, it is really important to work with brands/clients/content creators who fits your brand and who are sharing your values.

Also, you can be inspired by others, and I am too! Everyone needs to be inspired, it is totally normal! But be yourself! Inspire people, share your real life with them, show them your real personality, what makes you different from others!

Be very patient and hard worker

Like all the creatives and entrepreneurs’ jobs, it can take a very long time before making it a living and have a stable income! So, if you really want to build a community on social media, it is possible, but you have are to be patient and a hard worker.

Be regular and consistent

Also, you need to be very regular! If you are posting once a week, that will never work! You need to post regularly, at least 4/5 times per week. If you want to have a solid relationship with your community you need to be present online. So you need to post as often as possible!

Focus on your niche

There are many different kinds of accounts out there: travel, nature, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness or even food! Remember that there is room for everyone! But, you need to focus on what is passioning you and makes you thrill in real life. I mean, you can not become a travel blogger if you have never traveled before. Or an adventurous account if you don’t like extreme sports.

You need to share something that is your real passion in life. Not just finding something in order to grow on Instagram. That will never work if you are not truly passionate about this. But be sure that for everything you like, there is definitely a niche with people sharing the same kind of interest as you!

Don’t care about the numbers!

You really should not care about the number of followers. The most important is the quality of your community. First thing, you need to have in your community people that are really interested in your content and what you are sharing. So they will engage with you. Remember that engagement is the most important! Also, who are these people is really important for you.

For example, if you have 1M followers but they are only girlies under 15 years old, this has absolutely no value for brands. It is really better to have a community of 50k people that are above 25 years old and that have the same interests. I mean young girlies have no purchasing power, don’t forget that brands want an ROI (return on investment!).

Enjoy the journey!

It should be fun doing these things because building a community is amazing, it is like a family! It’s not only going to make you happier but also connects you with so many likeminded and creative people all over the world. I have met so many genuine and adorable people thanks to Instagram during my travels and we are still friends! How amazing is it?

Also, it’s going to give you clear goals in life and even your day job will probably feel better because you’re doing something meaningful and how to know, someday you might be able to quit your job and do what you love! Enjoy the ride! xx


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