The real life of travel bloggers and content creators : all you need to know

Hey, my TRAVEL FAM! Hope you are well! Today let’s talk about the real-life of a travel blogger/ content creator and the expectations VS reality! I know we are supposed to have a super glamorous life, to be always on vacation, staying in gorgeous luxury hotels… Having a sunbath on a paradise beach, and receiving hundreds of gifts without doing nothing…

But is it the truth? I will answer your questions now! But I promise you will be really surprised 😉

The real-life of blogger and content creators: true vs false stereotypes

1. We are always on vacation

Ok, let’s start with the most common idea: we are always on vacation. This is absolutely not true! Actually, we are traveling a lot, of course, because we love traveling, and we are digital nomad, so we are able to work remotely. But also because it is a part of our job. Indeed, sometimes, we are working with hotels, tourism boards and companies to travel create content (photos, videos), and to promote these companies on our social media accounts.

During our travels, we are working really really hard. It includes waking up early to shoot for sunrise and having no one else on the photos (usually around 6:am), taking hundreds of photos to have the good one, shooting so many footages to capture the right moment, spending most of the day doing this, and, finally going to sleep late because we have to edit the photos and the videos.

To be really honest we are absolutely not on vacation, we are just working in beautiful places and we are lucky to call these places our “office”. But being a travel content creator is a real full-time job. Traveling can be really exhausting sometimes and I have to admit that we feel sometimes “on vacation” only when we go back home!

2. We are traveling all year

I will disappoint you but no! Being a full-time travel blogger does not always mean you are traveling full time. It means that you are traveling often, but usually, 50% of the time you are working at home just like everyone. That can include planning your next travels, editing and posting the content you have created during your travels, replying to emails and so on.

Also, sometime digital nomads/ travel bloggers decide to established their base abroad. Many of them are on places where you can find cheap accommodations like Bali or Portugal.

3. A typical day when being a travel blogger

By the way, I often get asked this question: what is a typical day when being a travel blogger? I would say that every day is different because we are able to organize ourself as we want.

But usually, a typical day will start by replying to emails, sign contracts, sending invoices. Then, replying to comments and DM’s on social media. Editing photos, recording videos, writing blog posts. Then, posting/ sending the content for clients. Planning the next trips, itinerary and spots to shoot at.

But obviously also not so glamorous part as SEO, data analyzing, marketing, and so on…. Usually, I am working from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. We don’t really have weekends and vacations. It’s a choice because when you are entrepreneur you are working for yourself 😉

4. Being a travel blogger/ content creator is an easy job

Actually, many people think that to become a travel blogger/content creator you just have to take photos with a phone, post it on social media and tadam! The magic appears! lol. This is not true at all. Actually it represents years and years of work to create a community around the same passion, learn about photography, edition, video, develop your skills to be able to create good content. But also, to develop visibility. We also have to invest in professional gear to create great content (camera, lens, drone, tripod…). But also, to develop visibility.

As all the entrepreneurs, nobody knows us when we start, so we have to make our place, find clients, etc. Obviously it is not in 3 months that you will become a travel blogger. To be honest, it took me not less than 2 years and a half to be able to do this job full time. I am working harder than I have ever in my entire life. If you want to become a travel blogger, of course, it is possible, but you have to really want it!

5. We have a kind of perfect-dreamy-life

Definitively not! We actually just have a normal life, like everyone. I know that our IG accounts can make you think that our lives are perfect but we have a totally normal life. The only difference is that traveling is a part of our job.

So, obviously, we are lucky to be able to travel and have amazing experiences and I would be forever grateful for that. But, we also have ups and downs like everyone. Don’t forget that we are just humans, our life is not perfect. Don’t idealize bloggers/content creators. When we are at home, we are also, doing groceries shopping, cooking, cleaning, watching TV and series, eating pizza, dancing, laughing… like everyone!

6. Being your own boss is the best thing!

Yes being your own boss is an amazing thing, you really feel free to organize your day and your tasks as you want. But your income depends on your performance, so that can be really stressful sometimes!

7. We have no shame

YES! this one is so true. Especially for me, I have absolutely no shame at all. To get the perfect shot, we are able to stand on a wall, a rock, chair, a table and so on, in front of hundreds of people. And this kind of shot, the hardest to capture are often the best ones! So, don’t be ashamed and take the photo you want 😉 But always respect privacy and places obviously.

So you want to become a travel blogger/ content creator?

If you are passionate about traveling, adventure, exploring this beautiful world and you love photography, you should follow your dreams! I know this market is oversaturated but there is a room for everyone who really wants it and has something new to bring.

Everything is possible when you believe in yourself! If it really is what you want to do for a living, you can do it. Of course, it is not easy, it takes a lot of time, investments, sacrifices and you have to be very patient and passionate. But I promise you it is an amazing job and I would never change a thing! If this topic interests you can also read How to create a community on social media.

And don’t forget to follow our next adventures on Instagram @chiarabarrasso! If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments 🙂 Love you, my travel family! Have an amazing day!



  1. Xavier
    28 October 2019 / 16 h 44 min

    Salut Chiara,
    Super article. Pour tout t’avouer j’aimerais bien devenir blogger et ou content creator mais plutôt dans le domaine du high tech. Je trouve que ce milieu est similaire à celui du voyage dans le sens où le secteur est un peu saturé … Tu penses que c’est quoi le plus important quand on démarre ? C’est sur que entre la réalité et ce que les gens en disent y a un monde …
    Merci d’avance pour ta réponse et continue comme ça !!

  2. urmi thakkar
    13 July 2021 / 15 h 09 min

    this was an amazing blog i came across so real and well said

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