The beautiful cascade di Saturnia in Tuscany in Italy

The famous cascade di Saturnia in Tuscany

You have seen these beautiful Cascade di Saturnia on Instagram and now you want to go there? You are at the right place ! 😉 Usually we say Cascade di Saturnia but the real name is Cascade di Mulino. By the way, this cascade is located near the hotel di Saturnia which is a totally different place. The cascade is independent from the hotel and still wild and preserved.

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Fun facts about the Cascade di Saturnia

The famous Cascades di Mulino in Saturnia is a totally natural and unique place to visit in Italy. These thermal springs are located in Saturnia near Siena in Tuscany. Very pleasant swimming at 37.5℃, the water is naturally heated by a crater under the cascade. Every second, 800 liters of water with a high mineral content gushes out of the earth, which comes from the slopes of Monte Amiata about 30 kilometers away. How amazing is it?

Where is located the cascade di Saturnia?

The famous Cascade di Saturnia is not the same place as the Terme di Saturnia resort. When you look for the cascade on the internet, it’s easy to make a confusion. But these places are totally different. The first one is a totally public place and the other one is a resort. When we went to Saturnia, we stayed at this beautiful place and we had an amazing stay. By the way you can find the post about our hotel review here!

When is the best time to visit the Cascade?

The best time of the year to visit the Cascade di Saturnia is during spring in Mai/June. The first reason is that this place won’t be as crowded as in summer (high season), and the weather will be super nice! You will be able to swim and really enjoy this place.

Is the access to the Cascade free?

The cascade di Saturnia is open to the public. It is located only 5 minutes from the hotel Terme di Saturnia. This place is totally free and is open 24/7. There is no entrance it is still a wild and natural place. Which is crazy for a so famous spot! Also, since this place became famous on social media, it’s really crowded from early in the morning to very late at night. We went there at 6:00am and we were already around 10 people, and we came back at night 9 pm and it was still crowded.

If you want to visit this cascade and avoid the crowd, you need to wake up very early! We woke up around 6:00 but it was really worthing it. We had the chance to admire this beautiful place for the sunrise and spend a good time before the crowd arrive. Obviously, we took some memories! 😉

Is the drone allowed at the Cascade?

Yes! The drone is totally allowed, make sure you don’t fly close to the water because it’s super hot. Also, be careful of the trees around. But yes it is totally allowed, like in most places in Tuscany.

Is the cascade a natural place?

This cascade is absolutely magical and is totally natural, it has never been touched by humans. I’m still in awe when I have the chance to see unreal places like this. I swear it was even more beautiful in reality. The water is super clear, no filter needed! And with the morning light it is even more beautiful when the trees become gold. If you have never been there you should definitely add this place to your bucket list! It’s a must see in Tuscany.

You need to know that the water is also naturally warmed at 37,5 degrees celsius by the volcanic crater. And this place is bigger than we can imagine.

Where I can park near the Cascade?

Also, it is really easy to park your car, there is parking just in front of the cascade. Of course, if you come after 9:00 in peak season, the parking will be full. But normally you should find a place.

Are you planning to visit the cascade di Saturnia?

I hope you liked this post and that it will help you to organize your trip to Saturnia! Have an amazing day! Don’t forget to follow our next adventures soon on Instagram and on our Youtube channel!



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    14 September 2019 / 11 h 02 min

    This place is on my bucket list! Can’t wait to visit!

    • TripsandHeels
      28 October 2019 / 16 h 50 min

      You will love this place!

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    10 September 2020 / 9 h 31 min

    I would love to know how much one would likely spend to enjoy all dis tour

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