Road trip in the Dolomites Italy : between mountains and lakes

If you are planning to visit the Dolomites Mountains in Italy soon, you will love it ! We have done an amazing road trip last summer trough Italy, we went to Tuscany, Venice and then to the Dolomites. This trip was simply unforgettable. We had the chance to see various landscapes from the Tuscany countryside to the wonderful city of Venice… and finally the beautiful Dolomites Mountains.

We wanted to go there for a long time and it overpassed our expectations. The landscapes in the Dolomites are beautiful, wild, and surrounded by the recognizable mountains. This area, close to Austria and Switzerland will makes you fall in love with hikes and lakes !

So, if you want to know all the best spots in the Dolomites before planning your next trip, you are at the best place 😉

The best spots to visit in the Dolomites Italy

1 Lago di Sorapis

The Lago di Sorapis is for us the most beautiful spot to visit in the Dolomites. You need to do a 2 hours hike to reach this beautiful lake (13 kilometers) You can see it on the photo at the left. It crazy blue color comes from it glacial origins. It is a part of the UNESCO heritage, this is why it is not allowed to swim or to camp there. But there is a small hostel near the lake.

This lake is touristy despite the 2 hours hike ! So we advise you to come early, especially during summer. We started the hike at 6 am and it was perfect. You can also read our blog post dedicated to the Lago di Sorapis.

2 The Lago di Braies

The famous Lago di braies is also a beautiful spot to visit. But you need to know that it is very, very touristy especially in summer. As there is no hike to reach the lake, there are so many people. It is already full of photographers even at 6 am.

Also, even if the lake is beautiful, we were a bit disappointed because we can’t access to the small house until 9 am the opening. And at 9 am the light is too strong to take photos. But this lake definitely worth a visit !

The Lago di Carezza

This beautiful lake is called Lago di Carezza. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to see it during our trip. We had only 3 nights in the Dolomites and it was definitely not enough. We highly advise you to stay at least 5 or 7 nights there if you want to visit several spots.

Lake Carezza is a small alpine lake. It is known for its wonderful colors and its view of the Latemar mountain range

4. Chiesetta di San Giovanni

We also didn’t have enough time to see this beautiful church in the middle of nature with a view on the mountains. We highly advise you to go there if you are finding yourself in the Dolomites.

5 Tre Cime di Lavaredo

The famous Tre Cime Di Lavaredo are also a beautiful spot to visit in the Dolomites. Especially if you love nature photography. There are 3 summits near each other it is so picturesque !

6 Alpe di Siusi

Here are the famous Alpe di Siusi, a beautiful valley with a view on the mountains. If you are visiting the Dolomites don’t miss this spot! It is not so touristy and it is also very picturesque!

More information for your road trip in the Dolomites

If you have more questions about opening, hours, boat rental etc… Feel free to go to the website of the Sud Tyrol tourism board here Sud Tirol website . We’ve called them during our trip and they were really kind and helpful!

How many days to visit the Dolomites?

We had only 3 nights in the Dolomites and it really wasn’t enough. If you are planning to go there and you want to see the lakes and also the other spots, plan at least 5 or 6 nights !


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