Snorkeling in Guadeloupe : The 5 best places

If you love exploring the underwater world and having fun recognizing the marine species, then you will love snorkeling in Guadeloupe! Certainly some places are damaged, but most of them are protected and the fauna and flora is really rich. Especially in certain spots that we will mention below. You can easily observe turtles, stingrays, parrot fish in their natural habitat… But also nurse or lemon sharks if you are lucky! We both fell in love with the underwater world in Guadeloupe, during our snorkeling and scuba diving sessions.

Since we started to travel together, we had the chance to visit many tropical destinations such as Indonesia, the Maldives, Thailand or other Caribbean islands. And we can assure you that snorkeling in Guadeloupe is really amazing! That’s why we wanted to make a post dedicated to this subject, and share with you all the best diving and snorkeling spots in Guadeloupe. Are you ready? let’s go 😉

Just before we start, we let you discover our underwater video of Guadeloupe!

A few informations about snorkeling in Guadeloupe

Before starting, here are some things to know about snorkeling in Guadeloupe. Don’t hesitate to invest in a wetsuit because after several minutes in the water you can get cold even in warm water. This can also protect you from the sun, especially if you have a blond skin like me! A mineral sunscreen is also a must, it will allow you not to damage the seabed. Don’t forget to never touch anything underwater and not to get too close to the turtles to let them breathe when you come back to the surface. Don’t hesitate to bring your snorkel and fins equipment to save time and money 😉

Before we share with you all the best diving and snorkeling spots in Guadeloupe, read also our complete guide for a successful trip to Guadeloupe!

1 The beautiful snorkeling spot of Malendure

Malendure is really the perfect place to admire the turtles. Malendure is very simple, you enter the water and 2 minutes later, you cross a turtle. Then, two three fathoms later, you meet a second one, then a third one, then a ray. You will have understood that Malendure is all about turtles! Indeed, this place is known for its underwater grass beds where turtles come to eat!

We also saw a stingray and sea stars. We didn’t have the chance to see it, but there is apparently a huge barracuda that hangs out in Malendure and that is even quite famous in the region! They even talk about it in Grand Cul-de-sac marin, that’s to say. So if you see it, tell us 😀

2 The famous Cousteau reserve

The Cousteau reserve is the snorkeling spot in Guadeloupe par excellence! It is a protected reserve just in front of Malendure beach at the level of the islets pigeon. This reserve is the pride of Guadeloupe and we quickly understood why.

To go there, nothing could be easier. Go to the beach of Malendure at the level of the rent of Kayak. Rent a kayak for as long as you want but we advise you not to go less than 3 hours because the time goes very very very fast there. The îlet pigeon is about 20min of kayak going according to your physical condition. When you arrive on the islets, put your kayak on the mini-beach which is used as a kayak parking and put on your mask and snorkel!

The more you progress in the water, the more the charm works. Colorful sponges and corals, fish of all shapes and colors, huge rock formations … this place is one of the most beautiful places we have seen. It is simply magical!

Guadeloupe snorkeling

3 Snorkeling in Petite terre : lemon sharks paradise

If you want to spend an exceptional day snorkeling in Petite Terre with turtles, lemon sharks and stingrays…Then go for it! This island at only 3 hours by boat from St François will amaze you! The place is absolutely heavenly and the underwater world is full of treasures. You will see a lot of turtles, baby lemon sharks, huge rays but also barracudas and all kinds of colorful fish. If you go like us with Paradoxe cruises, you will spend a great day with the team who will show you the best snorkeling spots! In any case, Petite Terre is really one of the best snorkeling spots in Guadeloupe.

If you want to know more about it, you have also our guide dedicated to the day in Petite Terre.

Snorkeling en Guadeloupe
Petite Terre
Snorkeling en Guadeloupe avec les tortues
Snorkeling spots in Guadeloupe Petite Terre

4 Diving in St Louis : above a wreck

We dived with the awesome Antidode club over a wreck in St Louis and had a really great time. The team of the club, now called SeaCret dive, is simply adorable and very professional and rassurant. We were able to see lionfish, turtles, many different species of fish during the dive. And just diving over a wreck (first time for us!) at around 30 meters under the sea. I can tell it was quite memorable!

By the way, there are some great beaches in St. Louis, which you can enjoy after your dive!

5 Les Saintes : one of the best spots for snorkeling in Guadeloupe

If you find yourself in Guadeloupe, we highly recommend you to spot at the Saintes islands. These islands have beautiful underwater spots. You can observe beautiful fishes and turtles close to the surface. That’s why it’s an awesome snorkeling spot. No need to scuba there!

So, if you love snorkeling, you should really go to the islands of Les Saintes, and especially the Pain de Sucre which is a superb snorkeling spot in Guadeloupe! If you are in the area, don’t miss this magical place! You will see colorful corals and fishes, turtles, of course in the wild in their natural habitat. it’s a real little paradise!

Excursion à Petite terre
Guadeloupe Snorkeling
Snorkeling en Guadeloupe
Snorkeling in Guadeloupe : Petite Terre

Ready to discover the underwater world in Guadeloupe?

To conclude, we hope this post helped you to prepare your Guadeloupe itinerary for your next trip!

Let us know if this post helped you 😀 and if you have more questions, let us know in the comments! We’ll see you soon on IG and Youtube for new travel videos and digital nomadism!


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