How to look good on photos? 10 tips!

Hey travel FAM! Today let’s talk about being photogenic and more precisely how to look good on photos? Many of you ask me how to take great photos and looks good on it. You need to know that content creators and influencers on social media know how to pose, the right angle, the right light and so on. It really helps to create nice photos without photoshopping yourself. Many people think that influeners/content creators are photoshopping everything: skin, body, legs… In reality they just know the tips and tricks to look good on photos 😉

So if you also want to create killer shot during your travels and love yourself on it, you are at the right place, keep reading!

How to look good on photos? 10 tips!

1 A soft light

The most important think to looks good on photos is to take photos with a soft light! You should avoid taking photos of you with a strong light or in backlight. A strong light will make shadows on you and all the small imperfections will show up. The best is to take photos in the morning or in the evening. Golden hour and sunrise/sunset are the best. The light will be soft, homogeneous and the colors will be awesome and soft. It’s perfect for all kind of photography: landscape, portrait, bikini..

If you don’t have choice and you want to create photos during the day, take them before 10am and after 3pm or take them in the shadow so the light will be homogeneous.

2 The right angles

Finding the right angle is so important to love yourself on photos! The most important thing is to try different poses and angles and find which ones are the best for you. We are all different and we all have preferred angles and poses. You just need to experiment and you will find yours. This is really important for bikini shots. You can hate yourself on a photo and love yourself on another, taken the same day with the same outfit at the same place… Finding your angles is the best thing to take great photos of you!

3 The right time

Also you need to know that we avoid taking bikini photos right after eating you can imagine why hehe. If you want to have a flat belly on photos, the bets option is still to take them when you wake up, before breakfast!

If you can’t take your bikini photos in the morning before eating don’t worry, just wait a few hours to have your flat belly back 😉

4 Choose clothes that suit you

You need to find what clothes, colors, bikini suits you the most. Many swimwear are not fitted and it’s not photogenic at all. Find what clothes suits you well and makes you look great!

It’s really important to feel good in the clothes we are wearing to looks great in photos.

5 Shoot with someone experimented

If you can, shoot with someone experimented. This will really helps to looks great on photos because photographers know how to take the right angle, the right light and so on. They will know exactly how to take great shots of you.

If you can’t shoot with a pro photographer or someone experimented in photography, improve your photography skills to guide him/her! You can read our post about how to set up a camera and start shooting! But also this one “how to take great photos, 10 tips“.

If you don’t find anyone to take your photos, you can totally take them with a tripod.

6 Take photos from below

Taking photos from below will make you look better. It’s a nice angle to take photos. Especially if you are not tall. That will makes you look taller 😉

7 Organize yourself

Before a shooting, you need to organize yourself a bit. What places are you going to choose for the shooting? What clothes will you wear? Are them accorded together? This may seems obvious but organisation before a photoshoot it’s an important step in the photography!

8 Edition of the photos

Edition of the photo is also really important. You can correct many things with Lightroom. For example: if you find yourself not enough tanned, darken up your photo a bit and decrease the luminance of the orange. Play with all the settings and the best edition for you and what makes you look great!

9 Don’t compare your photos

We are all different from each other, we should never compare our photos to other people because we can’t be all the same. Our richness is being unique isn’t it?

10 Love yourself!

To conclude, I would say that the most important is finally to love yourself as you are! Don’t try to fit in the society standard “types”, if you are different, love your self anyway! There is not only one beauty type in the world, there are as many as different persons. If you are self confident and you love yourself, that will be visible on photos! And that will inspire otther people 😉

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