How to become a digital nomad and work from anywhere

We are two digital nomads, and we are able to work and travel at the same time. It’s amazing become we have a huge freedom in the creative and organizational process! Now so many people also want to become a digital nomad and being able to work from any country in the world. It is the dream of so many to be able to travel as much as they want and work from any country. Also, many people are tired of their 9-5 job and are dreaming about living the office to travel, but how to do it is the question! This is why we wanted to share our experience with you and help you to also become digital nomads!

You have several solutions, you can either become an online entrepreneur and become your own boss, find a job abroad or find a job that includes travels. In the first category we will be talking about bloggers, content creators, marketing/SEO consultant and so on. And on the other categories we will be talking about find a job abroad, and all the jobs that includes traveling like journalist, writer and photographer for magazines and journals.

Today we will make a list of all the different jobs that allows you to travel and work at the same time! First of all, you have to ask yourself a few questions: do you want to create your own business online? Do you want to find a job abroad? Do you want to find a job that includes traveling? If you want to know all the different jobs that exists to become a digital nomad, read on 😉

What is a digital nomad?

Ok we will just take a few minutes to stop the fantasy about the person that is paid to travel and that is having a cocktail by the pool and never working! Digital nomads are remote workers that are able to travel and work from different locations.

They are using technology to be able to work from anywhere, they just need an internet connection. So they can work from any country they will just need to have a Wi-fi at a café, hotel, co-working space and so on.

They are just as many digital nomads than possibilities: some are traveling their own country, some are traveling abroad, some are on a van in Europe and other are renting villas in Bali.

Personally, we have been traveling together since 9 years ago when we met, and we have started this digital nomad life more recently. We have been able to travel a lot since 3 years and we are now based in the south of France, which is amazing to be able to travel across Europe easily and work at the same time. We are close to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece…

The advantages to become a digital nomad

OK, I think that most of the benefits from being a digital nomad are known. If you are dreaming about discovering new countries, being able to travel as much you want and work at the same time, this is probably for you! There are many advantages such as:

  1. organizing your day and routine as you want,
  2. being your own boss,
  3. having a job you love,
  4. saving money living in a low cost area,
  5. being able to meet amazing people on the road
  6. experience cultures and other ways of life
  7. learn new languages and skills
  8. living near the sea

The disadvantages of being a digital nomad

Unfortunately being a digital nomad have also some negative sides. The most important one is the financial insecurity, I mean every month you will not have a fixed salary coming to your account. Your revenue will depend on the work and collaborations you have done this month. This may be a huge problem at the beginning, this is why you should not leave your job until you have a good online income.

Also, when you are starting a business online , you have to be very patient and regular, this can take months/years to have a regular income. You can also read our post about becoming an entrepreneur. Indeed, you have to grow your business, being visible to your clients, build an audience and trust.

Moreover, if you want to become a blogger or a content creator on social media, you need to know that the industry is saturated and very competitive. In 2020 many people want to become a travel blogger/influencer/photographer/consultant and being able to travel and work at the same time. But if you have something new to bring of course it’s still possible!

  1. You will have a variable income
  2. Starting a business online takes time
  3. Blogging and content creation are very concurrential industries
  4. You can be tired of always traveling and not having a home
  5. Finding stability is hard

How to become a digital nomad and create your dream life?

OK, if you are dreaming about this way of life and you are ok with the pro’s and con’s you are ready to start! But before leaving our 9-5, you need to start making money online! Lucky you, they are plenty options, you need to find the one that corresponds to you, your personality and your projects. These are a few exemples but the list is not exhaustive. You will also need to save money a lot before leaving your job because you’ll need a back up. You should read our post about how to save money to travel.

1 Become a blogger

First of all, you can become a blogger. The fact to have a blog will allow you to work online from anywhere in the world. You first need to choose a topic you want to talk about, a niche. This can be travel, fitness, food, or even fashion. But there are already so many bloggers right now so make sure ti choose a niche: slow travel, vegan food, slow fashion and so on.

To monetize your blog, you will need at least 10 000 readers monthly. You have different sources of income: affiliate links, you will earn a commission when your readers are buying something through these links, advertisings on the blog or sponsored blog posts. You can make sponsored blog posts with companies related to your niche. For exemple if you have a blog about vegan food, you will work with vegan products and if you’re travel blogger you will work with hotels, tour agencies and so on.

2 Become a content creator

This is the exact same thing than influencer but I don’t like this word. I find it not adapted and it is so lowering for the community. To become a content creator on social media you also need to find a niche. Even if it is saturated, there is a room for everyone that has something new to bring! If you are truly passionate you will find a way to do it. For us it is the niche of the travel couples. Some of us are specialized in tropical destinations, other on diving and so on. You need to find what makes you special or different.

Also, to become a blogger or a content creator, you will have to learn photography or improve your photography skills. You can read our post about how to set up a camera and start shooting.

3 Become a consultant

If you have skills and knowledge about SEO, marketing, or social media for example, you can help other business to grow. This will help you to work from anywhere because you can help them without seing them in person. You can be a consultant and work at distance. These services are really asked now, all the entreprises are understanding the need to develop their visibility online and they need consultants.

You can also establish yourself abroad and work locally. For example, we know people in Bali and Singapore that are working as consultant and they are working with local businesses.

4 Create an e-shop

Also, you can decide to create an e-shop and sell products online. This can be clothes, bikini, reusable straws, and any find of products. You will need to create a website, or to pay someone to create it for you. Also, you will need to invest to create your first collection. Unless you are reselling products from a seller. You will also need to use social media to grow your brand and make it visible!

5 Become a writer or journalist

You can either decide to become a writer or journalist for online magazines or TV. This job also includes traveling and working at the same time. You will be able to write articles for magazines and journals.

6 Find a job abroad

You can also decide to find a job abroad. Many companies and agencies are helping you to find a job abroad. You first need to identify which countries you are interested in: Australia, Indonesia, Europe, USA ? And you need to know that kind of job and contract you are looking for.

7 Find a company that allows you to travel

Another option that is more and more current is to find a job in a company that allows you to work from anywhere. There are many start ups and agencies that allows their employees to work from anywhere. You will still have a boss if you are considered as an employee but you can also work as a freelancer. It depends on the type of companies and contract you will find.

As I said, the list is not exhaustive, you have plenty options to become a digital nomad! I’m sure there are many other options. By the way, if you have an experience to share, let us know in the comments 😉

Deal with critics about your way of life

When you become a digital nomad, you will have to deal with critics and family and friends that are not understanding your way of life. But it’s ok, the only things that matter is that you are happy. And of course that you are living the life you want! People will not understand why you travel as much and what is your job. But don’t pay attention to these critics.

Work hard and make it happen!

Stay focus on your goal, work regularly, be patient and make it happen! I would have never imagined 4 years ago that I will be able to travel and work at the same time. You need to believe in yourself and create the life you want! It is always possible if you believe in you and if you have enough motivation to make it happen! 😉

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