The ultimate travel guide to Positano

The ultimate travel guide to Positano

If you are planning to visit Positano soon, this travel guide to Positano is for you! Today we will share with you all our tips and tricks about this destination. We have just been to Positano for the second time and it was an amazing trip. Positano is really pretty and has so much charm! Every corner is pretty, you will fall in love with these typical colorful houses in the rocks, the ambiance, the local shops, the views on the sea and of course the food. We have eaten our weight in pasta and pizza, we couldn’t resist!

Positano is definitely one of our favorites destinations in Europe in summer. This is why today we wanted to share everything about our trip and give you all our recommendations. If you are planning to visit Positano soon, read on! 😉

How to get to Positano?

In this travel guide to Positano, we will share with you the 3 main ways to get to Positano. This little city is located on the Amalfi coast, just after Pompei and Naples and near Sorrento. You can get there by plane, train or renting a car.


The closest airport from Positano is Naples. Once you have arrived in Naples, you have two choices. You can either take the train, you can count 2 hours to Sorrento and then take a taxi or SITA bus from Sorrento to Positano. You can also take a ferry from Naples to Positano.


If you are doing a long Italy trip like us, you can come from another Italian, city to Sorrento easily by train. The train is not expensive in Italy and it’s really clean and comfy. During our Italy road trip, we came from Cinque Terre (La Spezia) to Pompéi. We came across Florence, Rome, Naples and finally Pompéi. You can read our post about our amazing experience with an interrail pass. Next, we took the local subway (Circumvesuviana) who brung us to Sorrento. Then to go from Sorrento to Positano, you can take the SITA bus or take a taxi. During summer there is a bus really frequently and it is only 2€ per person.

Rent a car

We first wanted to rent a car at the Pompei train station but it was really expensive (more than 100$ per day) and it’s really hard to find a place to park in Positano. Also, all the parking are really expensive.

Travel tip: The best solution is to take the local subway and the SITA bus.

How to get around on the Amalfi coast?

I have good news: it’s really easy to get around on the Amalfi coast! If you are not staying in Positano but in Sorrento like us, Piano di Sorrento, Fiordo de Furore or Amalfi, you can take the SITA bus. This bus is going from Sorrento to Amalfi several times per day. It starts around 8:00 am and ends around 11:00 pm.

Also, this is really cheap. For us, it was the best solution! Be careful during the high season, between June/September there are many people in the bus, so the best solution is to take the first one (around 9 am) and don’t count on the last one at 11:00 pm, that is often full. Indeed, it’s better to take the one just before the last (around 10 pm). You can see the schedule here. All the stops are not written but you can use google maps to check out your stop.

What activities to do in Positano?

Get lost in the little streets!

Walking in the little streets of Positano is magical! Every corner is so pretty, local shops, fruit markets, cute restaurants… The ambiance is unique. When you arrive in Positano you will be in the weights of the city, you can take the stairs to go down to the main beach, la Spiaggia Grande and cross the shops. You will also see the beautiful Santa Maria Assunta, the beautiful church with the golden dome. Just behind the church is the main beach. It’s really pretty: clear water, orange chairs and the view on the typical houses in the rocks. You really feel the Italian vibes! We have found the best places and restaurants when being lost in the streets.

Enjoy the Italian beaches

The main beach, la Spiaggia Grande, is beautiful. But the free part is really small and there are many people! And I will be honest, the private beach is really expensive (20$ per person for the day) and you can count 10$ more to have a beach umbrella. There is also another beach in Positano, called the Piaggia di el Fornillo that is less touristy and the beach chair and umbrellas are less expensive (10$ per person).

Do a boat tour

We went for an amazing 1-hour sunset cruise with @bluestarpositano and we had a fantastic time! The weather was not great so we could not have seen the sunset but we have spent a really good time crossing the sea along the beautiful Amalfi coast. It was so romantic! We have spent a moment together with JE, admiring the beautiful view, drinking champaign and eating fresh fruits. We even had the chance to see dolphins when we came back to the harbor!

Eat typical Italian food

Obviously, you need to eat typical Italian food in Positano! You will find the best hoven made pizza, the best gelato flavors, and cappuccinos! Seriously for 3 days in Positano, we have eaten the best pizza and Gelato ever!

Where are the best restaurants?

This travel guide to Positano wouldn’t be complete without a list of the best restaurants in Positano! There are many amazing Italian restaurants in Positano. You need to know that as Positano is near Naples, the main specialty is pizza!

To find a great restaurant, just have to walk in the streets and stop when you like the ambiance and the menu! But we will tell you our favorites ones in case it helps you to choose!

♡ Chez Black

It is a pizzeria located on the main beach. They are well known for their super cute heart-shaped pizza!

♡ Bucca di Baccio

This restaurant is also located on the beach but on the right. We loved taking away pizzas from there and eat them on the beach!

♡ Bruno Ristorante

We absolutely loved this one! It is located on the heights or Positano, and the view is amazing. Also the food is really good, we highly avise you tot ry the gnocchis pomodorro with a Spritz !

♡ Poseidon

It is a beautiful and chic restaurant located in the heights of Positano. You need a reservation. We had lunch there and we have eaten amazing Gnocchis. Also, the view of the city is insane!

Where to stay on the Amalfi coast?

There are several beautiful luxury hotels in Positano. If you can afford it, you definitely should book one of these! But if you are traveling to Positano on a budget, you can easily find cute B&B on booking on the Amalfi coast and come to Positano for the day.

Are you planning to visit Positano soon?

Positano is a must to see! Even if this city is really expensive and touristy, it is a beautiful city to visit. We really loved our stay on the Amalfi coast, especially Positano! It is a beautiful city and it definitely worths a visit. It is amazing to just walk in the streets, find points of view, chill on the beach, finding cute corners, and eat Italian food. We hope you liked this travel guide to Positano. If you are planning to visit the Amalfi coast, let us know in the comments! 🙂 Don’t forget to follow our adventures on Instagram!


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