The complete Marrakech travel guide : best things to do

Today, we will share with you our Marrakech travel guide. You will find here all the best places to visit in Marrakech. But also where to stay, where to eat Moroccan food and what are the best things to do in Marrakech. We have been a first time to Marrakech last year and we totally fell in love with the culture, the people, the architecture, the warm ambiance, and the food. This is why we decided to go back this year for our first trip of the year!

Last time we mainly stayed at riads in the Medina and this time we wanted to discover more of Marrakech. That’s why we planned a 7 days trip, with an excursion to the desert. Also, we wanted to visit more typical places and have more authentic experiences. Indeed, the Moroccan culture is amazing and has so much to give! When traveling we love contact with locals and discovering the real culture of a country and not only the tourist’s attractions.

We had an amazing week, and we left Morocco full of memories. In this Marrakech travel guide, we will share with you all our favorites experiences, the best places to visit in Marrakech, the best restaurants, and all the most beautiful and Instagram worthy hotels/riads and of course all our tips and tricks to have enhanced your experience! Let’s go!

In the West, you have watches.

Here, in Morrocco, we have the time. 

Local proverb

When is the best time to visit Marrakech?

The best time of the year to visit Marrakech is during autumn (September-November) and spring (March-June). It’s a little bit cold between October/February and too hot between July/September. We decided to visit Marrakech in February the first time and in January for the second time because we wanted to escape the winter in France. The weather was great (25°C during the day) but a little bit cold in the morning and the night.

How to get around in Marrakech? 

There are several ways to move around in Marrakech:

By taxi

Take a taxi a great way to move around if you have a big distance to do. All the prices are negotiable in Marrakech but the approximate price from the airport to the Medina is around 200dh (20$). Also, in the medina, there is a fixed price for all the moves who is at 50dh (5$) per way.

Walking in the city

If it’s a short way, it’s better to walk. You will save your money and you can discover the city! Make sure to upload the app ‘my maps’ to be able to find your way without an internet connexion.

By tuk-tuk

you can also take a tuk-tuk, that will be cheaper and you will help a disabled person. So that’s a great way to move around but it is possible only in the medina.

Please don’t ride a horse caleche, the horses are not well treated and there are many other ways to visit the city. It’s so sad to see these poor horses we can see the pain in their eyes.

What are the best places to visit in Marrakech?

In this Marrakech travel guide, we wanted to share our favorites places to visit in Marrakech. These are gardens, palaces, or typical attractions of the city.

The souk

The souks are amazing to visit, there are many traditional and local shops: local spices, pretty lights, argan oil, carpets, traditional bred or potteries. You can walk into the souks to just feel the ambiance and watch the pretty shops! You can start your itinerary from the Jemaa el Fna place because it’s the entrance of the souks. Also, if you wish to buy something, you can negotiate absolutely everything! 

The Badi palace

The Badi palace is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Marrakech! This palace is made of the ruins of the ancient palace. The “Marrakech du rire”, which is a famous humor show, is filmed there. To enter there, you can count 2$ per person.

The Majorelle garden YSL

This garden of la Majorette was created by Majorelle and was saved by YSL from building construction. This garden, made of cactus and blue walls is really pretty to see. It’s really relaxing and original. To enter you can count 7$ per person. It’s better to visit this place on the morning because in the afternoon there are many tourists. 

Madersa ben Youseff

This ancient school is also a must to visit in Marrakech! A Marrakech travel guide wouldn’t be complete without this beautiful and unique place. If you find yourself in Marrakech, you should really visit this place. It is located near the souk.

La Madersa Ben Youseff

Jemaa el Fna place

This place is the biggest and the principal place in Marrakech. It is close to the beautiful Koutoubia mosque. Also, there are many shops in this place: fruits, fresh juices, vegetables, spices, plants… And it’s also the entry to the souks.

Big minus: they are monkeys unchained to entertains tourists, please don’t promote this!

La Mamounia hotel

This hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. The architecture and the gardens are to die for! However, if you can’t afford to stay there (more than 500$ per night), you can just visit the hotel between 11 pm and 6 pm for free. Last year, we could take a “day pass” (80$ per person) to spend the day there, enjoying the pool and have lunch. But they have removed the pass. Now they have a “détente pass” more expensive (150$ per person). 

What are the best experiences in Marrakech?

Visit the Agafay desert or the Sahara

In this Marrakech travel guide, we really wanted to share with you our amazing experience in the Agafay desert. This time, we wanted absolutely to visit the desert, so that’s what we did! There is the entry of the desert at only 45min driving from Marrakech. This is where we stayed, in the Agafay desert at the Scarabeo camp. We had an amazing and authentic experience there. When we arrived at the camp, we felt lost in the middle of the desert, there were only sand dunes and tents. The landscape was straight out of a movie! Like Indiana Jones! It was to die for! After that, we decided to move around and explore this place and we found amazing points of view and wild places. We had the privilege to admire nature in its wildest side! We have even seen goats and camels! 

Next, we have watched one of the most incredible sunsets of our life on the dunes. We watched the sky turned pink and purple with the moon, it was insanely beautiful. Also, we have spent an amazing time around the fire with the other people, singing and playing guitar together, the ambiance was really warm! Then, we had an amazing romantic dinner with candles and traditional Moroccan food. To ended this perfect day, we watched the stars in the sky, it was incredibly beautiful. The Agafay desert is a great place for stargazing. We have ended the night by sleeping in our tent by the fire. It was an amazing and authentic experience. Read our full blog post about our experience in Scarabeo camp!

Sleep in a riad

Sleep in a riad is also a great experience! The riads in Marrakech are the traditional houses. The term ‘riad’ means garden but it is  applied to townhouses built around a central courtyard. Technically it should have some plants in four planting beds and a central fountain. We have been to the riad Yasmin, the riad BE and the riad La Sultana. La Sultana is composed of 5 riads with 5 amazing atmospheres. It was the most beautiful riad where we have been.

Have a traditional massage

We had an amazing experience at La Sultana. We went there for a half-day and we had an amazing spa treatment. First, a royal Moroccan Hammam. It’s a 30min hammam followed by a scrub treatment. After that, you will have really soft skin! Then, we had an amazing typical Moroccan back massage. We had to choose between 4 oils: argan, argan+verveine, argan+orange fleur or argan+Ilang Ilang. It was so relaxing! 

The best restaurants in Marrakech

La Sultana

This hotel has an amazing gastronomic restaurant on the rooftop where you can eat and admire the view of the city, the Kasbah mosque and the Saadians tombs. The food is so refined and the associations of flavors are just exceptional. It was honestly our favorite restaurant in Marrakech. We tried the vegetarian couscous and the beetroots salad with citrus. Also, the staff is really kind and they have many vegetarian choices.

Riad Be

As La Sultana, this riad has an amazing rooftop, full of cute Instagram worthy corners! We tried the unique menu with Moroccan salads (aubergines, zucchinis, cucumbers, peppers) and the vegetarian tagine. We finished the meal with Moroccan tea and a few traditional pastries. It was delicious! And we loved discovering typical Moroccan food. The price per person is around 350dh (35$). 

Le Nomad

Also, we had lunch at the Nomad. It is a cute restaurant located in the souks, they have a beautiful rooftop with a view of the city. The meals are originals and are Moroccan/European mixed. We loved the food and the decoration of the rooftop. Plus: they have a view on the souks!

La Famille

This restaurant is one of our absolute favorite one in Marrakech! However, it’s hard to find the entrance because it is a little door hidden in the souks! You will find it on the street between the Jemaa el Fnaa place and the Bahia Palace. The food is a mix between Moroccan and European. We have tried the pasta, the soup, and the pizzeta and their homemade strawberry cake and it was delicious!

Where to stay in Marrakech?

Es Saadi Palace

We stayed 3 nights at this beautiful palace located really close to the medina (only 2 kilometers) and we had an amazing stay. It was really well located to visit the city. Also, the suites are beautifully decorated with typical Moroccan decoration and there was a view on the gardens and the main pool. There are also several beautiful traditional and colorful villas: Berbere, Persian or Romane villas. 

Fairmont Royal Palm

This 5 stars palace is located in the rural zone in the south of Marrakech, so it’s really quiet. The decoration is the perfect mix between Moroccan and modern decoration. It’s really classy. The suites are simply beautiful, the bed was so comfy. The breakfast was amazing too, there was everything we needed. They have also an amazing golf, a spa, a fitness park, and several restaurants. 

In a traditional Moroccan riad

Riads marrakech
Marrakech travel guide

It’s our favorite kind of stay in Marrakech. Staying in a traditional Riad is really an amazing experience. These beautiful and traditional habitations have been for some of them reconverted in guest houses / hotels to welcome tourists. Don’t miss out guide about the best riads in Marrakech!

Tips and tricks before visiting Marrakech

This Marrakech travel guide wouldn’t be complete without a few tips and tricks!

Never follow someone when you are lost in the medina! They will help you to find your way and ask you 20 or 30$! Usually, they are also trying to bring you to their friend’s shops to make you buy something. You can upload the “maps me” application to find your way without the internet. Indeed, it’s an offline application.

Moreover, if someone tells you: “Hey, don’t go there, there is the mosque, only Muslims people can go there”. In effect, the no muslins people can’t go inside the mosque, but you can, of course, walk in front of a mosque. Don’t listen and continue your way. They are trying to make you go to another street to ask you for money.

Also, you should avoid eating meat in the country, the meat is not so fresh there and there are many vegetarian options in the restaurants. 

Newt, be careful in the souks, don’t enter in a shop if you’re not ready to buy something! When you get into a shop they won’t let you leave without buying lol

Don’t use the transports arranged by hotels, it would be more expensive. Try to go out of the hotel and find a taxi, you can negotiate a better rate! Also, you can discuss with the Moroccan taxis and all the Moroccan people you will meet, they are really friendly. So you will learn many about the Moroccan culture.

Also, you can change your money at the airport there is an exchange office. You can also buy a SIM card to have the internet everywhere in Marrakech. The price for a SIM card at the airport is around 10$ (4G 10GO available everywhere).

Are you planning to visit Marrakech soon?

We hope this Marrakech travel guide will be helpful to plan your trip to Marrakech! We love sharing with you all our experiences with you my travel family! If you have any questions feel free to comment! Have you seen all our photos of the trip? If no, you can see all of them on Instagram! See you soon for new adventures!


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