Is studying worth the money and time invested? Universities and schools

Hello, travel FAM! Today I wanted to share my thoughts about a really important and actual topic: studying. And trying my best to answer that question: Is studying worth the money and time invested? I will share my personal experience through this post and tell you all the good and bad impacts of studying in my life.

I went to a management school for 5 years in France and I specialized in digital marketing. You know that these kinds of studies are really expensive and also very controversial. Nowadays, many people and parents have a negative point of view about it. They think that it is not necessary to start an active life with a loan for the 5 or 10 next years. And they are probably right. Also, in this society, you are not always considered and valued if you don’t have a master’s degree. But at the end who the hell cares if you are doing a job that you love and that makes you happy?

On the other side, I have to admit that studying has also many good impacts like studying abroad, learning new languages, learn a way to work, becoming an expert in a domain, and being more open-minded… So, is studying worth the money and time invested?

My educational background

I have always known that I had an artistic soul, but I thought that with this degree I would have a solid background before entering in the active life. When I was younger, I already had a thing for art: I have done 6 years of painting and drawing courses, but also classic dance and gymnastic. I knew that I wanted to have a job in the art industry, but I didn’t know exactly what. And I thought I had the time to decide. This is why after having my economic baccalaureat I choose to integrate a management school. The studies were generalistic at the beginning: law, economics, communication, mathematics or marketing. And I quickly decided to specialize in marketing and more precisely in digital marketing.

Studying abroad/ having an internship abroad is really fulfilling

During my studies, I have done 2 internships abroad and I don’t regret it! The first one was in Los Angeles, in a small digital marketing company. This is during this internship that I started to learn about social media, e-commerce and that I understood I wanted to work in this field! It became a real passion for me. Also, going at 19 years old, in another country is an amazing thing to grow as a person and become more mature and autonomous.

Indeed, it permits you to not stay in your comfort zone and to push your limit. You find yourself alone in a new city, you need to make new friends, hang out, learn a new language and, adapt yourself to a new culture. It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. I will not lie, it was hard in the beginning, but it was an awesome life experience!

Studying brings you a vision, a way of working and organizing yourself

Being more organized and self-confident

During my studies, I had many collective works to do, which helps to work in groups and collaborate with others. It helps to see the best in everyone and be confident in others. It also helps to learn that everyone has good ideas to bring to the group.

I also had many oral works in several languages to present to the class. This really helps to be more self-confident and learn how to speak in public.

Also, studies help to have a good organization in your work. As you have sometimes a lot of work to be done, especially during exams, so you absolutely need to organize yourself and do everything step by step.

Have culture and being expert in a domain

I learned a lot from different domains: law, cross-cultural management, communication, human resources, and so on. It is always interesting to learn new things, and being more cultivate. It can help in many aspects of daily life. Also, I became an expert in a domain that I really love: digital marketing. But of course, making studies is useful if you really love the domain you are studying and if you want to have a job in this field.

Also, you need to know that you will learn the core during your studies, but usually, you learn deeper during internships and jobs.

Being more open-minded and think by yourself

Plus, I think that studies help to think by yourself and being more open-minded. In my school, we were from all over the world, and we were all different. It was amazing to meet people from Morocco, Finland, la Réunion or even Tahiti and be able to make friends all over the world.

We all had a different vision, culture, and this melting pop was really fulfilling. You realize that this is what makes the richness of the relations. We are all learning from each other. The most beautiful friendships I made were with people from abroad and not people from my own country. I have a special thought to my friends Imane from Morocco and Xavier from la Réunion! Also, I truly loved meeting different, unique and creative people. You learn that differences are a rarety and a richness. And that the important is to be happy, not to please others!

Also, studies help to have a critical mind and to think more by yourself and don’t believe everything we watch on TV/on the internet.

Being more creative and ambitious

I was very lucky because I was in a school that enhances creative minds and helps students to realize their projects. I started my travel Instagram account a few years ago and my blog during my studies and my teachers found this project amazing and helped me a lot! They followed my project for one year and helped me to create my company and make business with my passion. Also, they ask me to present my project to the other students to inspire them! I will never thank them enough. By the way, I’m still in contact with one of them, which is like a mentor for us 2!

Studying is an amazing adventure!

If you like traveling and you want to study while discovering the world, it is totally possible! You can make internships abroad, during my studies I have done an internship in Los Angeles and another in New Caledonia. Also, you can also study abroad in exchange (USA, Australia, Spain, China…). Or, you can also decide to take a year away during your studies and have a job abroad.

Also, if you have a project it is the perfect time to launch your company while you are a student! You will quickly learn that any project is interesting and that if you believe in you, you can reach your goal! If you are building a business online, you should read this post about how to grow a community on social media.

Is studying worth the money and time invested?

It is fulfilling on different levels

To conclude, even if studying can be really expensive and take you several years to be graduated, it is really fulfilling on different levels: being more open-minded, meet amazing people, being more self-confident, have a critical mind, being more organized, have a general culture and of course specific expertise on a domain. Studying worth the money and time if you are studying something you love and that interests you.

Only if you are studying something that really interests you

BUT, of course, it depends on your life goal and what job you want to do in the future. If you already know that you want to be a cooker, a photographer, or a dancer, make a favor to yourself, don’t start law or management studies. Never study to make your parents proud or to please someone! You need to study for YOU and only YOU. If these studies don’t interest you deeply, stop immediately. Because you will lose your time. 3 or 5 years are a lot when you don’t like what you are doing and life is short! You are not here to please others. If you are not using your studies after graduation and you do a totally different job, or you want to reorientate yourself and start new studies after, there is no interest.

If you don’t know yet what to do for a living, then, travel! Take a year away, take time to think about it, discover our beautiful world! But never forget that you need to do a job you LOVE and wake up happy and motivated every day of your life! The goal is not to work to pay bills and wait for the weekend. You need to find a job that makes you happy. There are many jobs that we don’t know, and many new jobs with new technologies, make researches! I would never have known 5 years ago that I will become a social media content creator!

If I can give you a tip: never choose the ease, stay away from your comfort zone, try, try again, never give up and the most important: believe in you! You need to fight to realize your dreams!


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  1. Emma
    27 November 2019 / 11 h 15 min

    I agree with you, studying is never a lost of time, and it is always fulfilling!

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