The 5 most beautiful Bali waterfalls to add to your travel bucket list

The island of Bali has incredibly beautiful waterfalls to visit. If you find yourself there, you should absolutely add at least one of these waterfalls on your bucket list ! They are for us the most beautiful Bali waterfalls to visit !

Bali waterfalls : everything you need to know

Before you start exploring the most famous waterfalls in Bali here are a few things you should know :

What to pack ?

If you are planning to explore waterfalls, you should always take with you water shoes. Sometimes, exploring waterfalls requires traversing rivers and walking into the water. Also, the floor is always wet, to having good shoes will save you from a possible fall!

You also need to bring a bottle of water, a snack and a swimsuit to enjoy fully the waterfall ! The water is quite cold but it’s an awesome experience to swim into a waterfall.

You can also upload the App to be able to find your way without internet. Don’t forget to take cash, waterfalls entrance are not free. But it’s generally not expensive, it will coast you around 2 USD.

Help keeping places clean

Unfortunately Bali is being overrun with plastic bottles and trash. Always keep everything in your bag and don’t leave everything there ! You will help these places to stay clean and beautiful.

The most beautiful Bali waterfalls

Munduk waterfall

Munduk waterfall is one of the most beautiful and wild waterfall in Bali. It is located in the north of Bali, which is less touristic than the rest of the island. If you have the chance to visit Munduk, put this waterfall on your itinerary ! Located near the famous Tambligan lake (15 minutes driving), Mundul waterfall will leave you speechless.

You can easily park your car at the entrance, you will have a small hike around 15 minutes. The price of the entrance is really cheap (it was around 2 USD). And if you come early you will probably have the waterfall all to yourself!

It is a total hidden gem. The waterfall is 100% wild, surrounded by nature. Most of the visitors are local people from Bali, what we really loved !

Leke Leke waterfall

The beautiful Leke Leke waterfall is located near Ubud. If you find yourself in Bali you will probably visit the beautiful city of Ubud. And you should definitely add this beautiful waterfall to your itinerary. It is located around 1 hour driving from Ubud. You can either take a taxi or rent a scooter. If you have never rent a scooter before, be careful, the trafic is crazy in Bali.

We took a taxi to fo there and we paid around 30 USD for 2 persons. Once there, our taxi came with us to the waterfall and we were super happy because it was his first time there and he could finally see it and swim ! The hike is really easy around 15 minutes. And the price is also around 2 or 3 USD.

Once we came back we had a stop at the cafe at the entrance and took fresh coconut juice! We had so much fun there, I highly recommend visiting this waterfall 😉

Banyumala twin waterfalls

We didn’t have the time to visit the famous Banyumala twin waterfall but we have heard only positive things about the beauty of this place ! It is a very popular spot for photographers with a split waterfall plunging over the rocks into a jungle pool. It looks incredibly beautiful.

The only problem is that the waterfall is far from and difficult to find. Apparently you would need a guide to find it. Also, the hike is quite long. If you are planning this waterfall make sure to have a GPS or

Suwat waterfall

This gorgeous waterfall is located near Ubud in the Province of Gianyar. It is simply stunning. Just make sure not visiting this waterfall after rain if you want to see the water as blue as on the photo.

This waterfall is like a hidden naturel pool. It is not so tourist at the moment, so if you come early, you will also probably have this place all to yourself.

The fees entrance are only 15k roupiah, the equivalent of 1 USD.

Tukad Cepung waterfall

One of the most stunning waterfalls in Bangli Area, Tukad Cepung remains relatively unknown. To get here, you have to trekking through river, stairs and rocky road. Directions are available throughout your trek which make it easier to reach this place.

This waterfall is located inside a cave, you will have to walk a bit and climb down a few stairs to reach it, but it is worth the effort. The waterfall inside will amaze you with its scenic beauty and you won’t be able to resist yourself from enjoying the cool water. It’s a great place for clicking some incredible photos of course 😉

Planning to visit Bali waterfalls?

If you’re planning to visit of the these beautiful Bali waterfalls, or if you have already seen one of these gems, let a comment 😀

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