20 fun facts about us!

Hi, travel family! We wanted to make this blog more personal and make it real and authentic. We didn’t want this blog only to be dedicated to travel and photography guides but also a place where we can share our lives with you. This is why today we wanted to share with you 20 fun facts about us! Read on!

1 We met each other 8 years ago

We met at the age of 17 for me and 18 for JE. We were at the beach with friends, in the south of France during the holidays. It was immediate, we had so much complicity and there was something inexplicable between us!

2 We quickly found out we had a common passion for travel

We started traveling together immediately and we find out we had a common passion for discovering new countries, new cultures, meeting the locals and seeing animals in the wild. We had this virus of traveling and we could not stop 8 years after! But you know what? Traveling is the healthiest form of addiction 😉

3 Our favorite part of the world is definitely Asia!

Personally, I was more dreaming about tropical islands this is why we started to travel to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic or the Maldives. But JE was dreaming about Asia, so we planned a trip to Thailand and we both fell in love with this country! Everything changed since this trip, I was more dreaming about discovering Asia than anything else in the world! Now we are planning to visit Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

4 I lived in LA during my studies

When I was 19 I went to Los Angeles for my internship, I was working in a digital marketing company. And I absolutely loved living there! JE came 2 weeks before the end of my internship and we have done an amazing road trip in California together ( LA, San Diego, Vegas…)

5 We became vegan 3 years ago for the animals.

The more we travel and the more we became conscious of our impact on the animals and en environment. It became evidence for us to stop eating animals, wearing leather, or seeing animals in captivity. We are now members of associations for fighting against animal cruelty and for the environment. You can also become like us a member of Peta, L2014, or Greenpeace.

6 What we have studied?

JE has been studied biotechnologies and he has an engineering degree! Personally, I have studied management for 5 years and I’m specialized in digital marketing.

7 We are passionate about diving

We discovered diving 3 years ago in the Bahamas by chance and we totally fell in love with this! Diving became our passion because we really love marine animals, especially rays, sharks and turtles. We are dying to see Mantas and whale sharks one day! We quickly had our Open Water level and we hope to have the advanced open water next year!

8 We have 3 dogs

Yep, we love animals and especially dogs and we have adopted 3 ones! Aren’t they man’s best friends?

9 I lived in New Caledonia and I hate it!

I went to New Caledonia for my second internship. I worked for a hotel in marketing. And honestly, I didn’t like living there. Ok, the weather is amazing there, and you can go to the beach every day. BUT, Nouméa is not a great city to live in, everything is so fu**ng expensive, It’s hard to explore around, It’s far from everything, I felt not safe there, men have big problems with alcohol and are violent with women… I was really happy to go back to France! 😉 Read my full post here about my experience in New Caledonia.

10 We started this amazing adventure 2,5 years ago

We started to share our adventures on social media and our blog 2,5 years ago just for fun because we wanted to inspire others to travel! And also give all our tips and tricks to other travelers about the places we have visited! Our account started to grow and we had the chance to started to work with hotels, travel boards or transport companies. But it was a lot of work, even more than you can imagine.

11 I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram

Instagram can be an amazing place to meet people, share our adventures, inspire and be inspired by other travelers, share tips and experiences. But it is also a place where the market is oversaturated, there is so much competition, and since Facebook has bought Instagram, anything has changed! The algorithm makes it so hard for all the creators to have our posts seen and our engagement has been decreasing a lot lately. If you like our work, please support us!

12 I was scared of flying!

I was totally scared about flying when I was younger. But since I’ve flown to LA alone, my fear has totally disappeared! If you want to travel and you are scared about flying: start traveling close to your country by car or train. And when you want to travel further, don’t hesitate, take a flight and get out of your comfort zone! I can guarantee you won’t regret it, traveling is the best thing ever!

13 We are both half french half Italian

We were both born in France, (me in Paris and JE in the south) and we had both Italian origins. His family is from Milan and mine from Rome and Sicily. We are really proud of our origins and we loved exploring our country: we have been together to the Cinque Terre, Venezia, Florence, Siena, Saturnia, the Dolomites, Amalfi coast and Positano. If you haven’t already been to Italy you really should add it to your 2020 list, it’s a beautiful country!

14 We have many things in common but we are also very different!

One of us is more last-minute, never stressed, has a crazy side, is very spontaneous, loves every creatives activity: dancing, singing and drawing, and photography and is sometimes too kind to others.

The other one is very organized, prepare things in advance, has also a crazy and creative side but is calmer, more thoughtful and more mature in a general way. This person is also wiser and knows how to step back and not get angry!

Can you guess who is who? let us know in the comments! 😉

15 We love cooking together!

We always had this thing for cooking! But since we became vegan we started cooking more at home! Many people think that being vegan is eating only veggies… Humm not really! Even if we try to stay healthy, we can actually cook every recipe in a vegan way: Pizza, lasagnas, burgers, cakes, cookies and so on! The only thing is that it is more healthy and less fat because it has no meat or cow milk.

16 Fitness has a big part in our lives!

We discovered fitness 6 years ago when we were students. Indeed, we subscribed to a fitness center near our home and we never stopped! What we love is the fact of pushing our limits, physically and mentally, staying healthy, doing sport regularly and having a good routine. If you have been following us on Insta, you have probably seen our stories at the gym!

17 What are our favorites destinations?

Our favorites destinations are Thailand, Indonesia, and Jordan. These countries are very special to us and we had amazing experiences there. If you have never been to these countries, you should definitely plan a trip there!

18 What are our dream destinations?

There are so many but we are dreaming to visit: Tahiti, Seychelles, South Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica. If you have been to one of these, let us know your experience in the comments!

19 Do we want to marry and have kids?

Yes, we both want to marry and have kids! But for the kids there is no rush, we first want to travel and experience more backpack trips! Of course, we will still travel with our kids, but that would be different.

20 We have a huge passion for photography and video!

3 years ago, we started to learn photography and video, and it became a huge part of our lives. We are 2 creatives persons and we love creating together and sharing our work with you! We just love traveling and making memories together. Creating simply makes us happy. If you also want to learn more about photography and you want to take better travel photos, you can read our post here.

We hope you liked these 20 fun facts about us! And that it helped you to get to know us better! 🙂 We have many amazing projects to share with you here on the blog and on Instagram in 2020 and we can’t wait! Thank you so much for being there and for your support!


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