Soneva Fushi one of the best hotels in the Maldives

” No shoes, no news ”

You are going to visit the Maldives soon and you are looking for the best hotels in the Maldives ? A sustainable eco resort that is well located and that is offering great activities? You are at the right place 😉

During our recent Maldives trip, we had an amazing experience in the Maldives at Soneva Fushi, a relais & chateaux resort. We have spent 4 amazing and unforgettable days and rabbit island. If you are wondering why this island is called like this, yes it’s because there are plenty of wild rabbits on the island!

This experience was very special for us, because we really felt like Robinson Crusoe living in the wild, but with a luxury side. It was seriously one of the best experiences we had the chance to live. But also one of the best services we had the chance to experience in our life. Staying at Soneva Fushi is a totally unique experience from your arrival at the airport to your departure.

Also, you need to know that Soneva Fushi is an eco-resort and they are making so much effort to respect the environment. This was really important for us. If you are planning to visit the Maldives you need to know everything about our amazing stay there. Read on!

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Soneva Fushi a relais & chateaux resort in the Maldives

When we arrived at Malé airport, we were taken in charge by the Soneva staff, which is absolutely adorable and was so present for us during our stay. We were conducted to the Soneva lounge at the airport, which is so comfy and relaxing. There is free wifi, sofas, fresh fruits, and juices. This is so perfect to wait for the seaplane transfer.

When it was time to board, we discovered a beautiful luxury grey seaplane and of course all the comfort you can imagine inside: fresh juice, a tablet, and soundproof earmuff. We were ready to start our amazing experience! The seaplane took off, and it was already magical, we could admire the Atolls from the windows for 40 minutes.

Then, we arrived at Soneva Fushi by speed boat and we finally discovered the beautiful rabbit island. It is totally my definition of heaven on earth. White sand, turquoise water, and palm trees… Also, there were adorable rabbits around the island and they were really friendly!

“No shoes, no news”

Directly, we had to remove our shoes, the concept of the resort is “no shoes, no news”. I loved this! We were barefoot during all our stay, this is what made us really felt living in nature! Also, we had a bike so it was really useful to explore the island and going to the restaurants.

The resort is the only one on this island, and it is totally hidden among a dense forest in the Baa Atoll. The reef of this island is classed in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Soneva Fushi is composed of different kinds of spacious beachfront villas. Everything about this magical place feels otherworldly, from the crystal clear turquoise water, seeing dolphins at sunset and exploring the reef!

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The beautiful villas at Soneva Fushi are totally hidden in nature

Then, we discovered our beautiful villa, hidden in nature. It was incredibly beautiful and spacious. There were 2 rooms, so this villa is also perfect for families. We absolutely loved the minimalist vibes and the simple decoration. All the devices were hidden and everything was white and brown.

The bathroom was open in the garden and there were an outdoor bathroom and shower in the garden. Having a shower here was an amazing experience, we really felt like “into the wild”. Also, our villa has direct private access to the beach. There is so much privacy in this hotel, every villa has its own private corner of the beach. So when we wanted to go to the beach and have a romantic moment, or having a snorkeling session, we were just the two of us!

The restaurants are amazing 

The hotel has 3 different restaurants. Each of them is amazing and has delicious vegetarian options. But our favorite was the “Mihiree Mithaa” because there were so many veggie options and the food was simply delicious.

Out of the blue

The first restaurant is the Out Of Blue. This restaurant located by the sea is beautiful. The view is just amazing. You are sitting in front of the reef, eating delicious and fine Japanese food and Chinese specialties in a romantic ambiance!

Mihiree Mithaa

The second one is the Mihiree Mithaa. Our favorite one. In this restaurant, you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is an incredible buffet, with no doubt and no comparison, the best buffet we have ever seen. We have seen many buffets but this one is the BEST one so far. They have so many choices, the salad bar is a paradise for vegetarians. They have fresh avocado, houmous, colorful tomatoes, herbs, salads and seriously everything you can imagine in a salad! The quality product is amazing it was so fresh. They even have homemade pizza with wood hoven!

Fresh in the garden

And the last one is the Fresh in the Garden. This restaurant proposes only plant-based Maldivian and Southeast Asian with Nordic cooking techniques. Just before dinner, we had a visit of the gardens with a degustation of different plants and recipes. After that, we had an amazing dinner in the gardens. This was an amazing experience!

Nature is nurtured at the resort and each experience brings you one step closer to discovering its beauty.

Activities at Soneva Sushi Maldives

Snorkeling and diving at Sovena Fushi

Also, we had several snorkeling sessions and every single of them was a dream. Snorkeling at Soneva Fushi was a magical experience. The coral reef is a member of UNESCO. Just a few meters from the beach, we found incredibly beautiful and preserved reefs.

Exploring them was absolutely amazing. In the same snorkeling session, we had the chance to see 2 sharks (white tip), 1 turtle and so many colorful fishes. We are divers and I can assure you that it is really rare to see so many animals in one session! It is showing how protected is this reef. Which is amazing. You can borrow for free snorkeling gear at the dive center or organize a diving session.

Sunset dolphin cruise at Soneva Fushi

We had also done an amazing sunset dolphin cruise. And we had the chance to see dolphins! We were so happy when we saw them. They followed the boat for a few minutes. So we had the time to admire them and take some pictures! Just after it started raining a lot, so we came back to the hotel. But it was still an amazing moment that I will never forget.

An afternoon on a sandbank

We have spent an amazing half-day on a beautiful sandbank, lost in the clear water. It was located only 10 min far from the island by speedboat. It was an absolute paradise and we had the chance to have this sandbank all to ourselves!

Kayaking in the turquoises water

We have also tried kayak and it was really fun! Kayaking in the crystal clear water with nobody around was amazing. Many other activities like paddle or surf are proposed. Also, there is the amazing famous slide next to the restaurant. We had so much fun sliding there with JE! Of course, we could not stop sliding and going up again during all-day long!

Ready to choose the best hotel in the Maldives ?

To conclude, we had a magical experience in the Maldives. These islands are a real paradise.Also, we had a wonderful experience at Soneva Fushi. We can only recommend you to stay there. It is perfect for couples and families. If you are looking for a romantic or family stay in a beautiful place in the Maldives we definitely recommend staying at Soneva Fushi.

The island is absolutely beautiful, there are many activities: snorkeling, diving, kayaking, surfing, boat tours to a sandbank, dolphin cruise and so on. If you like to be close to nature and animals and if you are looking for a unique experience, you should stay there. The island is really calm and relaxing, the restaurants are excellent and the staff is simply perfect! If you are planning your Maldives vacations and have questions feel free to ask them in the comments! 😉

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