Italy is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has one amazing and strong culture. This European country has diversified landscapes from cities to beaches.

Italy has stunning typical villages like Positano, Cinque Terre or Siena wit so much charm and a unique atmosphere. But also beautiful big and old cities like Rome, Florence or Venise. These cities have gorgeous architecture, statues, fountains, and places.

But also beautiful nature and wild landscapes like the Dolomites mountains. The Lago di Braies and the Lago di Sorapis are incredibly beautiful and wild. They are a must to see! There is also Tuscany that has very impressive and natural places like the famous Cascade di Saturnia.

You will never be disappointed by the beauty and the charm of Italy! But also by the gastronomy as Italy is also the country of pasta and pizza!

Our Europe Tour with an Interrail Pass

Our Europe Tour with an Interrail Pass

Are you planning your Euro tour and wanting to visit several countries? Do you want to avoid expensive flights? Are you a little bit lost in the organization? Do you want to try the experience with an interrail pass? This…

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