Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

Are you planning a trip to Mallorca soon ? You want to know which are the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca? Let me guess, the coves with the bluest, clearest water and the most impressive cliff scenery? The most photogenic beaches? Well I might as well tell you that you’re in the right place 😉

Mallorca is an iconic European destination. You know, Majorca is a very special destination for us because it was our first trip together in 2011! We were super young and not even old enough to rent a car. We were a bit stuck in our ‘all inclusive’ hotel. But we had the chance to meet a couple who took us kindly with them to visit to visit some Calas during a small road trip.

And here we are, 10 years later, we are back to celebrate our 11 years together on the island of Mallorca! A beautiful island in the Balearic Islands, near Ibiza and Minorca. But this time to discover it fully : the beaches, scenic roads, small old villages and even the mountains. And we left as Albert reporter by visiting more than 10 Calas in one week! Let’s give you the names 😀

Beautiful beaches in Mallorca
Most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

Mallorca: The largest island of the Balearics

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. They are composed of three islands: the festive Ibiza, the wild Menorca and the impressive Majorca.

Moreover Majorca, despite of its relatively small size of 96km by 78km, has several types of landscapes that make all its charm. In the north, you can find mountainous landscapes with the Tramuntana and in the south more “Mediterranean” landscapes. And the famous calas with turquoise waters! Mallorca has only less than 1M inhabitants and a population of 1.5M in the summer! Yes, the Mediterranean island is a bit of a victim of its own success.

But don’t worry, if you go there at the right time, you can fully enjoy this little jewel in the heart of the Balearic Islands.

Les Calas à voir à Majorque
The Calas to see in Majorca

When is the best time to visit Mallorca and its beautiful beaches?

The weather point: Majorca remains a Mediterranean destination and therefore benefits from this type of climate. It is therefore very pleasant to visit Mallorca between May and September. After, let’s not forget that all European destinations are very sensitive to the July and August period with the vacations and mass tourism. Ouch! The best months to visit Mallorca are surely May/June and September. However, in September, the high tourist season being over, some of the calas like Cala Llombard and Cala Deia have turbid waters, even green because of the pollution. So in conclusion, it is better to go to Mallorca in May and June!

Personally, we went there in September and we saw that the waters were not very clean in some places, so we really not recommend the spring and early summer period. If you are planning to go to Mallorca soon, read also our complete travel guide to Mallorca (hotels, restaurants, cafes…).

First of all, you can watch our cinematic video which summarizes our whole trip to Mallorca very well! By the way, you can see the beautiful beaches and Calas!

What is a cala in Mallorca ?

Cala is the Spanish term for a cove. Our southern equivalent would be the beautiful Calanques of course! In Mallorca you have Calas and also large Caribbean type beaches. Yes yes I am not exaggerating they are really exceptional: clear water and white soft sand. Besides, Mallorca is more known for its beaches than its calas, which is surprising considering the beauty of these creeks and especially their charm! In one week in Mallorca we were able to list all the most beautiful Calas of Mallorca, so if you’re planning your trip, you’ll find everything you need here 😀

Cala Majorque
Cala Majorca

What are the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca?

1 Cala d’Es Moro : a must see in Mallorca

Plus belles Calas Majorque : Cala d'es Moro
Most beautiful Calas Majorca: Cala d’es Moro

If there is a Cala that you absolutely must see in Mallorca, then this is it the famous Cala d’Es Moro. After a walk of about 15 to 20 minutes, you will first arrive at Cala S’alumnia. However, I won’t say more about it because it is part of this top 10 so you’ll have to be a bit patient!

Let’s go back to our Cala des Moros. At only 10 min walk from S’alumnia, you will arrive on a point of view in height which reveals this incredible Cala. Before going down to throw you in this crystalline water, we advise you to walk on the paths on the right and on the left of the cala which offers just sublime points of view on Des Moros. At the top you can make beautiful photos! After that, let’s go for a little hike down. In itself, nothing crazy as a descent but if you have sneakers better put this than flip flops. When you get to the bottom, you’ll discover a beautiful beach between sand and rock where getting a place becomes a real challenge.

Personally, we were there at 7am and there was nobody. From 7:30 people started to arrive and at 9 am the beach was super crowded. We never saw it in the afternoon but I don’t even dare to imagine the look of the beach and especially the look of the people lying on the ground (or what must be left of it). It is true that to really enjoy the charm of the incredible Cala des Moros, even if it is the case of all the calas in this top, you will have to arrive early before 8am if possible.

Most beautiful beaches in Mallorca
Cala d’Es Moro

2 Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards is a very famous cala of Mallorca. It is really emblematic, you could not miss it on Instgram! With its famous small fishermen’s huts. It is really typical and has a lot of charm. It is also very close to Cala des Moros and therefore also to Cala S’alumonia.

Parking is quite simple, there is a parking lot just a few meters from the beach. Like all the calas, the parking lot is crowded from 9 to 10 am, so it is better to arrive early in the morning! Or you can arrive at the end of the afternoon when the crowd starts to leave for dinner.

Plus belles Calas Majorque : la fameuse Cala Llombards
Most beautiful Calas Majorca: the famous Cala Llombards

This Cala is really one of the prettiest beach in Mallorca and one of the nicest. You are bound to have a good time there. We love the atmosphere, people jumping in the water, having picnics… It’s rather young and family oriented at the same time. It’s really nice because it’s like you have two atmospheres for the same place. You can first stay on the beach with your feet in the sand or you can walk on the sides and arrive at the famous fishermen’s huts. This place is absolutely gorgeous and unique!

Plus belles Calas Majorque : la Cala Llombards
Most beautiful Calas Majorca: Cala Llombards
Plus belles Calas Majorque : la Cala Llombards
Most beautiful Calas Majorca: Cala Llombards

As far as the water quality is concerned, we were not lucky because the water was not very clean but in any case it was very warm, that’s already something. I can’t even imagine when the water is crystal clear, it must be a paradise.

3 Cala S’alumnia : the charming Cala

Cala S’almunia is a cove on the way to cala des Moros. What a bargain you will say and you are right! It is the typical cove par excellence with its small fishermen’s houses with their feet in the water.

The setting is really superb. You are between the houses and the rocks in the middle of the transparent water. Little travel tip : be careful when you walk, with the seaweed it slips a lot and I tell you this because we attended the international gliding contest: strong sensation and broken coccyx guaranteed!

4 Cala Deìa : iconic beach in Mallorca

Cala Deia: a must-see Cala in Majorca! However, it must be deserved and not only a little! To reach the Cala Deia, you will have to go to the village of Deia in the north of the island. Village that you also should visit during your Mallorca trip. When you arrive in the village, you will have to turn left when you are on the Ma-10 at the crossing with Carrer Francisco Mas. You will follow this small road until you reach the bottom where you will be able to find places to park.

We know the music, better to be there early! But it is necessary to be there early, because you will make the 40 minutes hike and the 60 minutes to go back. So, it is really better to get up earlier even if it means ending your night on the beach 😉

Cala Deia is a pebble beach where it is possible to climb on the rocks to jump into the water. The charm of this cala is also for the restaurant that overlooks the place: the famous restaurant with a view of the Cala that we see everywhere on Pinterest. Well, we are not going to lie to you, we did not go there because there is only meals with fish but the sight is incredible!

5 Cala Varques : the surprising one

Calas Majorque
Cala Varques in Majorca

This is really one of my favorites in Mallorca. For me it is one of the most beautiful beach in Mallorca. It is really a Cala but it is so huge that it approaches a beach. The water is so blue that it confuses the sky. And its long one-hour walk makes it quite precious and less accessible. And less crowded! Surrounded by rocks, it has a great charm. You can even jump off the rocks at about 10 and 15 meters for the most adventurous souls hehe!

6 Cala Pi

So Cala Pi is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca and one of the most impressive. Let me explain: once parked, you arrive after a short walk to a breathtaking viewpoint. The famous viewpoint that we see so much in pictures is quite impressive when you arrive in front of it even if you are not afraid of the height. It is really a breathtaking view!

Some typical houses are along the Cala. Between turquoise water and rocks, this small corner of paradise is deserved: because you should go down the 147 steps that separate you from the beach. But it is said that it is good for the thighs!

For the little story, its name ‘Pi’ comes from Pin in Catalan!

beautiful beaches in Mallorca
Cala Pi Majorca

7 Cala Sa Calobra

Cala Sa Calobra is a little bit special. I am not even sure that it is a cala but it is so beautiful that it must be put in this top 5 calas! For that, we went to the north of the island. I might as well tell you that the road alone is incredibly scenic! Between mountains, wild goats and incredible views, the road even becomes an experience in itself.

You will arrive at the entrance of Sa Calobra where you will find a parking lot. After a 5 minute walk you will reach Sa Calobra, a very charming little village. Continue straight on towards the Pareis stream. You will pass through tunnels in the mountain and you will gradually reach the cala.

I still remember the feeling of immensity of being in the middle of these two big cliffs with the sea in front of us. Sa Calobra is not there for the clarity of its water but more for the sensation that you will feel.

It is even possible to go up the river and discover a little more about this place and even have the chance to meet wild goats.

Beautiful secret beaches in Mallorca

We discovered these two calas by chance just at the end of our stay and fortunately we discovered them. They are not touristy calas and that’s also part of their charm. So we wanted to share them with you so that you too can enjoy these places.

8 Cala Mosques

Cala Mosques is a 10 minute drive from S’Arenal. Small paradise lost, this cove was almost entirely ours. With its white sand and its turquoise water, it is to wonder if there are not sharks in the water to explain the absence of the tourist mass of the beginning of our stay! No kidding, it’s really a little jewel, unknown and rather frequented by the locals.

You even have the possibility to climb on the rocks surrounding the cala to make jumps in the water! Isn’t it beautiful? 😉

9 Cala Bellavista

Cala Bellavista Majorque
Cala Bellavista in Majorca

Only 7 minutes away from S’Arenal, just like the Cala Mosques, it is a little corner of paradise. Smaller than the previous one, it is nevertheless more charming. There is even a kind of underwater cave on the right side of the cala. On the other hand, there are no tourists on the horizon, so it is a pure pleasure to stay there. It is very easy to park near the Cala.

10 Cala Mesquida

This Cala, classified as a nature reserve, is also not to be missed if you are in Mallorca! Located in the north east of the island you will love its natural beauty. This sandy beach differs from most of the Calas by its length. Between Caribbean beach and Mediterranean charm, you will not be disappointed!

Ready to visit the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca?

Well friends, I hope you loved this little top 10 of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca! Leave us a little comment if you’re planning to go there soon 😀 and most importantly we’ll see you soon for new adventures on Instagram and Youtube! See you soon guys!


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