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Welcome here! We are a travel couple of photographers and video makers passionate about travel. We would love to hear about your project/ your next marketing campaign. Maybe we could work together!

Are you a brand, a hotel, tourism board, transport or technological company? And you would like to work with us? Then, do get in contact! We would love to discuss collaboration opportunities with you and promote your company in a fun and effective way. Indeed, we can help you to promote your brand, products, hotels, services or destination in the following ways:

✔️Create original and effective campaigns to tell your story on our social media accounts. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube.

✔️ Providing HD photos and 4K videos for your own use with the copyrights.

✔️Carrying out sponsored posts, giveaways and travel competitions on social media

✔️Becoming your brand ambassador

✔️Taking over or manage your social media accounts

✔️Writing detailed blog posts and reviews on Trips and heels with permanent links to your website

✔️Writing travel articles for your website, magazine or other media

✔️Attending press trips and events

✔️Affiliate marketing & display advertising

Promote your brand in a fun and effective way!

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Why choosing influence marketing?

Firstly, more than 80 percent of marketers find influencer marketing effective. Indeed, collaborating with influencers helps companies create content that rises above the noise and resonates with their target groups. Also, it helps them build trust, establish brand ideals, and circumvent ad-blockers.

Plus, almost half of U.S. marketers plan to invest more in influencer marketing. Indeed, according to one study, 84 percent of global marketers planned to launch at least one influencer campaign. Also, organizations identify the influencers who best reflect their company ideals and appeal to their target audience. Here are the reasons why influencer marketing is valuable for all types of companies. Even B2B businesses and brands targeting older audiences.

Moreover, influencer marketing may seem like a new kid on the block but, like content marketing, it has a rich history. We can trace influencer theories back for more than 70 years. When sociologists first introduced the two-step flow of communication model. Which proposes that the majority of people are influenced by a small number of opinion leaders.

In addition, influencer marketers believe influencing a smaller group of high-value individuals is easier than finding and connecting with every prospect. To conclude, influencers help with two marketing challenges – content creation and distribution.

According to “Media planet.”