I’m bored, what to do during the Coronavirus quarantine?

In this difficult period, everyone is asking “I’m bored, what to do during the coronavirus quarantine?”. As some of us are now working from home and the other, especially in Europe, are in quarantine. This means that during at least the next two weeks we will spend most of our time at home! The goal is to slow the pandemic and not have hospitals full. This will allows having the time to organize to be able to take care of everyone that will need it. But also having a better understanding of the virus.

Being in quarantine and staying at home for two weeks can sound like bad news but if we step back and try to focus on the positive, this can be an amazing opportunity to do the things we don’t do usually! I know that Netflix subscriptions will explode, but there are also plenty of amazing things we should do but we don’t usually take the time to do! In this situation, we need to stay positive, strong and support each other! This is why we have made a creative list of everything you can do during this quarantine. So, if you are asking yourself what to do during the coronavirus quarantine? This list is for you 😉

I’m bored, what to do during the coronavirus quarantine?

1 Call your family and friends

The first thing you can do is to call your family, especially your grandparents that can feel apart during this hard time. They are always happy to talk to you and have some news! You can also call your parents, sisters and brothers and your friends to take some news!

You can also Skype or facetime them! Instead of visiting them, you can at least see them through your phone or computer! 😉

2 Take care of yourself

These days at home are an amazing opportunity to take care of yourself! Do this clay mask you never take the time to do! This oil mask to repair your hair or put this body cream to have soft skin! You can also do your nails! You have plenty of videos online about skin routines!

3 Watch online videos

Talking about online videos, what to do during this coronavirus quarantine, is to watch hundreds of different videos on Youtube! There are amazing ones made by coaches for motivation, personal development, but also tutorials for cooking, DIY, marketing, social media and so on!

4 Spend time with your pets

If you have dogs or cats, it’s time to accord them more time! Now that you’re at home, it’s time to shower them, cuddle them and play with them! Obviously, this is also for rodent pets!

5 Read a book – listen to an audiobook

If you’re still asking yourself what to do during this coronavirus quarantine, you can read a good book! Or if you don’t like to read you can listen to an audiobook! I can advise you several ones:

  1. The power of now, Eckart Tolle
  2. The alchemist, Paulo Coelho
  3. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, Don Miguel Ruiz
  4. The man who wanted to be happy, Laurent Gournelle,
  5. Your second life begins when you realize you only have one, Raphaelle Giordano
  6. The secret, Rhonda Byrne
  7. Think and grow rich, Napoleon Hill
  8. Eat pray love, Elizabeth Gilbert.
  9. Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self, Lise Bourbeau
  10. The subtitle art of not giving a f*ck, Mark Manson

6 Cook new recipes

It’s also a good time for you to cook new recipes! You are bored to eat pasta and white rice? No problem, you have hundreds of new recipes online! Shop all the ingredients you need and be creative!

When we became vegan a few years ago, we started to make new recipes and cooking started to become a pleasure! Also, we started to eat way more healthily! Now, we love making and discovering new recipes.

7 Workout – Fitness – Dance

You can also workout at home! This is what we are doing since our fitness club had closed a few days ago! Even if you don’t have much gear, you can totally workout at home! Watch our stories to have our full fitness workout! 😉

It’s also the best time to dance at home and learn new choreographies!

8 Meditation & Yoga

Meditation helps to pacify emotions and purify the mind. This also increases the ability to concentrate and therefore brings more alertness and better memory.

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. You can find amazing yoga classes online and have a course with a teacher by skype!

9 Make an online class

By the way, you can also find many amazing online classes to learn more about photography, marketing, video, website creation, social media and so on. It is the best time for you to learn a new skill or deepen the ones you already have!

You can read our posts to learn more about photography with this post 10 tips to improve your photos and this one how to edit on Lightroom!

10 Be creative

If you’re wondering what to do at home you can also reveal your creativity through painting, drawing or indoor photography!

I have been painting and drawing for 6 years when I was younger and now my passion is really into photography. Even if we usually create outdoor photography, we will take it as a challenge and try creating indoor photos! If you’re curious about what we will create, stay tuned!

11 Sleep more

Being able to work from home and organize your working schedules is an amazing opportunity to sleep more! Sleeping at least 8 hours per night is very important for the organism to have enough time to rest. You will spend less time in your car or in the common transportation, so you can wake up later!

12 Write a journal

You can also take time to write, on a journal or a blog your thoughts, your advice, and everything you want. Writing is always a good occasion to share with others.

I have always loved to write and share and connect with others, this is why having a blog was an evidence for me!

13 Clean your home

Also, being at home is a great occasion to clean your home! I know we don’t always have time to take care of our home but now it’s the time! You can clean your home, wash clothes, and sort what you want to sell or donate!

14 Watch series

One of the last things I want to advise you to do is to watch a new series! You will find me weird but I have to admit that it’s not so much my thing! But you have several great series on Netflix! You can also watch amazing documentaries and emissions on the TV! Personally we absolutely love Pekin express!

15 Plan what you will do after

Don’t forget to plan everything you will do after the quarantine! Fortunately, the situation will not last! So you can already think about the next travels you want to do, the people you will see and the events you will do!

I hope you really liked this creative list of what to do during the coronavirus quarantine! Let us know in the comments! Take care of yourself and of other people and stay safe!

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