A relaxing stay at the Terme di Saturnia Spa & golf resort

Terme di Saturnia Spa & golf resort

During our recent road trip through north Italy, we spent a few days in a beautiful city in Tuscany called Saturnia. It is located in the south of the Tuscany, near Grosseto. We had the chance to stay at the wonderful Terme di Saturnia Spa & golf resort, a member of the leading hotels of the world. This resort if probably the most epic we have stayed at! And we had one of the most relaxing and romantic stays ever. Everything is made to have a break and take time to relax. You will find thermal baths, fine dining with a Michelin starred chef, hammam, luxury suites, waterfalls, and even spa treatments. Also, the staff is really kind and is always trying to make you feel good. This hotel is perfect for romantic trips and family vacations.

The thermal baths and their volcanic water

What makes this hotel really unique is obviously its thermal baths. You can see them in the photos. Did you know that the water is directly coming from a volcanic crater under the hotel? It’s absolutely amazing. A flow of around 500 liters a second provides the pool with an overall turnover every 4 hours. Also, this water is totally pure and is naturally warmed at 37,5 degrees Celcius, the same temperature than the body.

This water contains sulfite, carbon, sulfur dioxide, bicarbonate ions, calcium, and magnesium. It has amazing benefits for the body and the skin. You can find all the biological benefits here.

The hotel has also a roman bath, a hammam, a sauna, outdoor waterfalls and a cold bath for blood circulation. After spending an afternoon there, we really felt totally relaxed and disconnected of daily life.

The 1919 restaurant has a Michelin-starred chief

The hotel has a wonderful restaurant with a terrasse and a view of the thermal baths. If you have seen my Instagram stories, you know that having dinner there is magical!

The chief is the famous Roberto Rossi, also chief at the Silene, a one-star Michelin restaurant. The 1919 restaurant celebrates prime quality Tuscan and Italian products. There is a particular focus on seasonal products.

We had a fabulous dinner for the sunset by the pool. The restaurant has many vegetarian options, we really appreciated it. We tried the pasta with truffle and it was absolutely delicious. We ended by delicious desserts, a chocolate mousse for me and a vanilla millefeuille for JE. It was really a fine dining, I totally understand why the chief has a star at the Michelin guide!

The luxury rooms & suites

The rooms are absolutely gorgeous and really spacious. The decoration is the perfect mix between modernity and tradition. We had a beautiful room with a huge bathroom including a shower and a bath. The bed was sincerely one of the comfiest bed I had ever slept in! And we had a lovely view of the gardens.

Stay at the Terme di Saturnia

This stay at this hotel was sincerely one of our best experiences in a resort. This was so relaxing and romantic. We really took time for ourselves and spend a good time together. After this, we were totally disconnected and it felt so good! If you are planning to visit Tuscany and you want to book your stay at the Terme di Saturnia click here!

The cascade di Saturnia

The famous Cascade di Saturnia is not the same place as the Terme di Saturnia resort. When searching on the internet, it’s easy to make a confusion, but these places are totally different. The first one is a public place and the other one is a resort.

The cascade di Saturnia is open to the public. It is located only 5 minutes from the hotel Terme di Saturnia. This place is totally free and is open 24/7. However, since this place became famous on Instagram, it’s really crowded even late at night. If you want to visit this cascade and avoid the crowd, you need to wake up very early! We woke up around 6:00 but it was really worthing it! We had the chance to admire this beautiful place for the sunrise and spend a good time before the crowd arrive. Obviously, we took some memories!

A magical and natural place

This cascade is absolutely magical and is totally natural, it has never been touched by humans. I’m still in awe when I have the chance to see unreal places like this. I swear it was even more beautiful in reality. If you have never been there you should definitely add this place to your bucket list!

You need to know that the water is also naturally warmed at 37,5 degrees celsius by the crater. And this place is bigger than we can imagine.

Also, It is really easy to park your car, there is a parking in front of the cascade.

I am going to write another post dedicated to this place.

Thank you for reading this post my travel FAM! I hope you liked it and that it will be helpful to organize your trip! If you are planning to visit Saturnia let me know in the comments! 🙂 And if you have more questions let me know too! Have an amazing day! Don’t forget to follow our next adventures soon on Instagram!



  1. Ellen
    14 September 2019 / 11 h 04 min

    This hotel looks incredible! Would love to stay there one day!

  2. Kelly
    5 August 2022 / 16 h 58 min

    I’m staying 2 nights at the resort at the cascade. Besides the cascade what do you recommend doing from here? How far is this from Florence? Thank you!

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