The complete Marrakech travel guide

The complete Marrakech travel guide!


Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well! In this post I will talk about our trip in Marrakech and all you have to know before going there. So if you want to go to Marrakech or you have already planned a trip, this post is for you! 😉 I will tell you all about where to stay, choosing between all these riads and hotels, where to eat, what places to visit, and what’s the do’s and don’ts there!

Why to visit Marrakech?

Marrakech is a beautiful city full of surprises, there are a lot of things to explore. First, the architecture is amazing, there are beautiful traditional palaces, riads, mosquées, places…The city is really pretty in it self, surrounded by orange walls and cactus. The food is delicious, if you like vegetables ans spices you will love the food there! Also the people are amazing and really friendly (ok there are exceptions like in all others countries) but most of them are adorable!

How to come to Marrakech?

If you want to go there you can take a flight directly to Marrakech, there is an international airport. You can also come from others city in Morocco with a bus.

Where to stay? How to choose between hotels and riads?

Marrakech is divided in two parts, the “Medina” which is the old and traditional town, surrounded by huge walls. And the other part of the city, more touristic and developed, where there are the big hotels. If you want to discover the way of life of people and stay in a traditional riad, you have to go in the “Medina”. The best part of staying in a riad is that there are less than 10 rooms, so it’s really quiet and so relaxing. Also there is often a private pool inside.

These riads are beautiful, decorated with mosaic and cactus, they have often a rooftop with an amazing view on the city. Also it is a place of sharing, you will meet new people, talk or eat with them etc. Then, if you stay in a riad, you will be directly in the old city, there are a lot of places to visit and things to do! There are many beautiful riads in Marrakech, the riad Yasmine, the riad Be, Olema & spa…

On the opposite, if you want to stay in a biggest place with more facilities (restaurants, nightclub, casinos etc.) you can stay in the hotels located out of the Medina. The most beautiful is of course La Mamounia but there are a lot of others stunning hotels like the Es Saadi.  Personally I preferred our experience in riads because it is more cozy, friendly and typical!

Where to eat? What are the cutest restaurants?

My absolute favorite restaurant in Marrakech was “la famille”. It is a vegetarian restaurant, where you can eat modern Morrocan food like revisited couscous, avocado pizza or home made cakes! But you can also enjoy “la cour du lion” in the Es Saadi hotel which is exceptional, it is a gastronomic typical Moroccan restaurant. Or the Nomad

What places to visit there?

There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Marrakech. The palaces are amazing, you can visit the Badi and the Bahia palaces. Also, the Madersa Ben Youssef, which is an old school (but it is closed for one year), the Majorelle garden which is dedicated to YSL. But also the Djema El Fna place, where there are a lot of restaurants and shops.

What activities to do?

You can spend one day at La Mamounia, which is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. They propose a “day pass” for 50$ per person, to access to the inside warmed pool and the hot tub (there are showers and lockers for your clothes!). You can also walk in the city and visit the streets and the souks (they are selling beautiful lamps, carpets etc.). You can also have amazing massages in hotels and riads, it’s not expensive there, for less than 30$ you can have a 1 hour massage!

What are the Do’s and dont’s? Some tips and tricks?

Never follow someone who wants to help you to find your way, because he will help you and ask you a lot of money in exchange of his service. Say to him that you already know where you are going to. To find your way, you can upload the app “maps me”, it’s is like a gps and it works without wifi. Then, for girls don’t wear short or strappy clothes, or guys will try to touch your ass…! Don’t show parts of your body in the streets, long dresses are perfects. But you can wear what you want in the hotels or riads.

Be carefully if you are a girl traveling solo or two girls in the streets and especially in the night. Also, the people in the souk can be really insistant to sell you their products. Don’t take your drone! It’s is forbidden in all the country, they will keep your drone at the airport and ask you to pay a fee. That’s it! If you follow these short tips you shouldn’t have problems!

If you want to visit the city or go somewhere don’t hesitate to call a tuk tuk! They are disabled drivers, so you can help them in exchange of driving you and it is an epic experience! For the taxis, the price from the airport to the center is less than 150 diram (15$) and to move in the Medina is less than 30 diram (3$). If you are going soon to Marrakech, you will have an amazing and unforgettable trip, it is an incredible city! Can’t wait to listen your stories and experiences! 😉


Badi Palace

Riad Yasmine

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Riad Olema & spa

Hotel la mamounia

Restaurant la famille

Hotel Es saadi






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