Snorkeling and diving with sharks in the Bahamas

We had an amazing experience in the Bahamas : we had the opportunity to learn diving and having our Padi Open water certification. In the Bahamas there are many different kind of sharks, it’s an amazing place to learn diving. You can also observe sting rays, turtles, beautiful corals and fishes. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins in the morning or the end of the afternoon. If you’re not really into diving you can also snorkeling. These islands are so beautiful : white sand, crystal clear waters…

But to be honest, if you not coming to observe marine animals, and if you just want to see beautiful beaches… I’m not sure it worth it. Because apart these beautiful beaches, there is not really something else to see. Of course you have several activities like paddle, kayak and so on. But if you just love beautiful beaches and the island life, I would suggest you to plan a trip to the Maldives. In the Bahamas, most hotels are huge hotels with 500 rooms. Compared to the Maldives where there are islands hotels, so you would have a more intimate and romantic experience.

Our Bahamas video

Before starting to tell ou everything about our trip in the Bahamas, here is our travel vlog! Watch it before reading so you will be able to see how was our trip and what activities we have done. Most of our trip was diving and snorkeling. You will see in the video our beautiful animal encounters. We had the chance to see nurse sharks, black tip sharks, barracuda, a sting ray and many colorful fishes. Most of our time in the Bahamas was spent underwater, but of course we have enjoyed the beautiful beaches !

We have also done all activities available at our hotel : paddle, kayak, water skiing… We even had the chance to see dolphins !

Diving in the Bahamas

If you are planning to learn diving, you should read our post about why and how to start diving. I highly recommend you diving in a PADI diving club. This will help you to be more confident and have quality instructors. We loved our diving experience there, the corals reefs are beautiful and there are beautiful animals to observe. There were more sharks than in the Maldives but we didn’t see any turtles. Maybe it’s just a matter of diving spots!

To have the PADI Open water certification, we had to do 5 dives, and being able to do the exercices into the water. The 5 dives are real dives, so you’re learning but also enjoying your experience. With this certification you will be able to diving until 20 meters (officially but in reality you can go until 25). If you want to go deeper, you will have to have to the advanced certification. One you have one of these, it’s really amazing because you can travel anywhere in the world and dive. You will have a small PADI card with your name. So you just have to show it at any PADI diving club in the world to be able to dive.

Where to stay ?

To be transparent with you, I didn’t like the hotel where we stayed so I won’t recommend it to you. Most of hotels are huge hotels with 500 roms and no charm. If you like to stay a this kind of hotels you will have the choice. But if you prefer small properties are rentals you can maybe find something on Airbnb.

Do I recommend visiting the Bahamas ?

Of course yes ! The Bahamas islands are beautiful, but keep in mind that it’s an amazing place for diving and snorkeling. Apart this, it is just beautiful beaches, like in the Maldives or Indonesia…


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