Hi, welcome everyone!

Welcome here! Thank you for checking out my presets! As many of you asked me to release them, we have finally created a world pack for you! We are so happy and excited to share my presets with you! For the moment, we have created desktop presets but mobile ones are coming too! Before buying my presets, please read the FAQ!

What are Lightroom presets?

These are the “filters” I put on my photos to improve them, make them uniques and make them fit together. I have created my own presets and using them on Lightroom Classic CC. They are working only on this software. The subscription for Lightroom Classic CC will cost you 15$ a month.

These presets are for the moment for desktop but Mobile presets will arrive soon 😉

They are perfect for brands, semi professional & professionals wanting to take their photos to the next level!

Hope these presets help you to enhance your photos! We can’t wait to see your creations!