How to develop a natural immunity for virus ?

How to develop a natural immunity against virus? 🌱 How to boost your immune system naturally to not be sick? These questions are probably the most asked ones since a few months, to fight against the current virus. Every winter during cold season, there are different kinds of flu. But it is totally possible to stay healthy with only natural methods. The virus is nothing, the terrain is everything! 💪🏼

How to boost your natural immunity

Alimentation is everything!

Alimentation is so important to stay healthy and fight against virus. You should avoid eating fast foods and industrial foods. There are so many chemicals products dangerous things inside : refined sugar, saturated fat, preservatives, additives… The best way to stay healthy is to choose organic/bio and local food.

Also, you should eat many fruits and vegetables, every single of them will bring you different kinds of vitamins. They are complementary! If you are interested about vitamins, you can also read this post about plant based diet and vitamins.

You can also take natural dietary supplements like vitamin B12 (for protein) and spirulina for Iron. 🦍 Especially if you are not eating meat.

Drink enough water

We should all drink at least 1,5 liter of water per day to purify our body. It helps to remove the tocsins from our body. Also, you should avoid drinking alcool and sodas (I know you love Coca…) 😬 But it is so dangerous for your health. There are many calories, super and E-blabla…

Avoid everything that is not natural

Then, if you want to boost your natural immunity, you should avoid everything that is not natural in a general way and doesn’t come from Mother Nature! Drugs, pills, chemicals product… Always read the list of ingredients in detail, scan them with Yuka and read the side effects. Be careful also of the ingredients in the products you are using daily : shampoo, soap, creams, makeup, olive oil, vinegar, salt…

Be careful of addictions !

It’s easy to become addict to alcool, sugar, sodas and so many other nocives things. The best things to do is to keep it under control and moderate your consumption.

According to a review in the journal alcool, high levels of alcohol consumption can weaken your body’s ability to fight infection and slow down your recovery time. As a result, people who drink high amounts of alcohol face acute respiratory distress syndrome, alcoholic liver desease and certain other diseases according to the same review.

Sleep enough

You should always a minimum of 8 hours per night! 💭💤 It is very important to have this time to rest. During this time, your body will boost your immune defenses. 

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. The way you feel while you’re awake depends in part on what happens while you’re sleeping.

Exercise regularly!

Exercising regularly will helps you to boost your natural immunity. Nothing is better than sport for the body! You should exercice minimum 20 minutes per day, even if it is just walking outside, biking around, walk your dog… 🚲

The most important is to offer a regular physical activity to your body to works well.

Breathe fresh air

Don’t forget to breathe fresh air 💨 Cities can be so polluted, you should go to mountains, parcs, forests… and connect with nature 🌱

Fresh air helps the airways of your lungs to dilate more fully and improves the cleansing action of your lungs. When you exhale and breathe out through your lungs, you release airborne toxins from your body. So obviously it is very important to breathe fresh air for natural immunity.


Stress is also a cause of sickness. It is so important to connect your mind with your body! To destress your body do yoga, meditation, danse, drawing, painting, photography, cooking… Do something you love !

Too much stress, can suppress your immune system and cause you to get sickmore easily. Prolonged periods of stress can also increase your risk of several diseases, including heart disease and cancer. According to a study, 60 to 80 percent of doctor’s office visits may be stress-related.

Visit the persons you love !

Human relations are the most important things on earth. Do see the persons you love, connect with them, call them, show them you love them 🙏🏼

Disconnect with mass medias

You shouldn’t spend too much time watching the TV, listening to the radio or reading the journals…TV, media’s, press… 🗞 So many different things are said and it can be a source of anxiety !

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