How we take and edit our photos

Hi everyone! Since I received soooo many DM’s of you on Instagram asking me questions about my photos and edits, I decided to make a special post for you! In this post I will answer at all the questions I received, how we take our photos? What camera and lenses we are using? How we edit our photos? What software and presets we are using! I hope this post will help you! Ok so let’s start! 😉

How we take our photos?

My boyfriend J-e takes all my photos, as you know we almost always travel together! He is the photographer of the couple! And I also always take his photos (you can see his Instagram account here!) When we want to take shots of us two, we have a tripod and a timer a on the camera. So we can set up the camera and take our couples shots directly with our iPhone! We can do all the settings on the iPhone (focus etc).

We shoot in manual mode, it permit us to determine the ISO, the shutter speed etc. It permits to us to change the settings according to the time of the day, the light, the movement of the subject etc. Also we always shoot in RAW because it is better than Jpeg to keep the quality of the photo. If you shoot in Jpeg you can’t have a good quality after editing the photo with different softwares.

When and were we shoot?

Our favorites parts of the day to shoot are the morning and the end of the day. The morning because there are nobody, so we wake up early to avoid the crowd and the light is amazing! We also like the sunset because the colors are insane! Also, we almost never take photos between 12 and 2pm because the sun is too aggressive, the light is not optimal and there would be too much shadows and contrast on the photo.

Also we love shooting in unique places, with a soul.

What kind of materiel we have?

We started photography with a Canon and now we have a Sony Alpha 7II. This camera is perfect for videos and photos. Our favorites lenses are the 35mm, 28mm and the 50mm (Zeiss). The 35 and 28mm are perfect to take landscapes photos and value the places. At the contrary, the 50mm is perfect to take beautiful portraits with a blurred background. I will make another post with photography tips for beginners really soon! Also we have a drone, a Mavic pro. I gotta admit it’s J-e’ toy haha, he loves playing with it, flying it on the islands and take photos and videos! A drone is really useful to take photos from above and value the landscape! Also we have a go pro and a dome to take underwater photos and half under and out of water.

How we edit our photos?

So this is the more asked question on Instagram, I receive a lot of DM asking this! And I’ll answer you today! This is me who edit the photos and I use photoshop and Lightroom only! Lightroom is just the best software to edit photos in professional way! It permits to change all the possible settings: saturation of every color, the tones, the light but also the contrast, shadows, add grain etc.

First step: add a preset on Lightroom

First, I add the photo I have chosen on Lightroom and in one click I apply my presets. I have created my own presets and I have a huge collection of many different presets, for every situation: pink for sunsets (yeah I’m crazy about sunsets haha), warm for sunrises, blues for beach shots, greens for jungle/forest shots and so on! As you were so many to asked me: I decided to sell them! We are working on this!

Second step: adjust the settings

When a preset is applied on the photo it’s not finished, all the photos are different from others so you have to adapt the differents settings to the photo. Certain photos have too much contrast or shadows (especially when the photo is taken between 12 and 2 pm)  so you can down these settings. Others photos are too much saturated in colors so you can change the saturation of each color. Also you can change the tones to make your photo unique (for example change the kind of strong blue to have a pastel blue). You can also add grain on the photo or a vintage effect. The goal is to make your photo unique and special but also harmonize all your photos and make them look great together.

Last step: correct the photo on photoshop

After that, when the tools of Lightroom are not suffisant, I’m using photoshop to correct the photos. For example, if there are people on the background of the photo, or undesired objects I will erase them. It’s really important for me to use it slightly, I don’t want to transform or denature the photos but just to value it!

Hope you guys liked this post and that it will be helpful for you! Feel free to ask questions! And stay tuned for our next post about photography tips for beginners! Don’t forget to follow our next adventure in Bali on Instagram! Have a great day!




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  1. Tara
    18 May 2018 / 10 h 39 min

    Thank you for this post! Really useful! Cant’ wait to read the post about photography tips!

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