How to have a healthy relationship

Today let’s talk about how to have a healthy relationship and building a long term, fulfilling relationship with your partner. A relationship where you are both happy together. Whether you are in a relationship or single currently searching for your soulmate, this post is for you!

First of all, let’s define what is a healthy relationship: it is a relationship that allows the partners to be connected and supportive of each other but still independent. The most important things in a relationship are communication and respect. If one of these factors is missing you may be in an unhealthy relationship.

To build a healthy relationship and stay in love after years, you need to make sure you both respect the following principles! These are signs you are in a healthy relationship!

Always feel free to communicate

This is for me one of the most important parameters in a healthy relationship. You must always feel free to communicate with your partner and say what you want to do. Whatever it is positive or not. You must never be afraid of saying something and be afraid of other’ reaction. Both of the partners must be able to understand what is reproached to them and to question themselves. You need to speak openly to another about your thoughts and feelings.

You need to feel heard when you’re talking about a problem. If you are feeling not listened or that communication is impossible with your partner, there is a big problem. That should alarm you.

But don’t criticize

However, even if you must feel free to express your feelings you need to make the difference between communicating and criticizing someone. Of course, it’s totally normal to express your opinion whatever it’s positive or not to be able to grow mutually. But not to criticize someone on the physical appearance or the personality. Actions can be questioned but not a person. If you love someone, love the person as he/she is.

Of course, at the beginning of the relationship, we have some adjustments to do to be able to adapt to the other. But we don’t have to change everything about ourselves. We should be free to be 100% who we are. Never accept to be criticized all the time. It’s so unhealthy and not good for your self-esteem.

You always need to feel easy to love.

Feel free to be yourself

This point is bringing me to the next one! Always feel free to be yourself! You don’t need to change to be loved. If you are someone funny that loves joking, someone that loves art, someone that loves cinema, or even sport, still do it even if you’re in a relationship. Don’t forget who you are.

Your hobbies and passion are totally in your ADN, a part of who you truly are. You need to continue your hobbies even in a relationship because it makes you happy! Your partner will always understand and he/she can even be interested too!

Of course, if there are overly engaging activities and you don’t have time anymore for your partner, make concessions!

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Treat each other with respect

This one is also one of the most important points for me. I think a healthy relationship is always about treating each other with respect. It’s totally normal to argue but it must always be in respect. We can discuss what’s wrong but shout, insult and even less to strike someone is unacceptable and untolerable.

Be emphatic and comprehensive

When there is a dispute, it’s often 50/50, don’t think you are 100% right and the other is 100% wrong. Be emphatic, try to understand what your partner is thinking, saying, and feeling. And make a compromise!

You must have healthy conflicts where both of the partners question themselves and make concessions!

Be supportive to each other

Also, it’s important to be supportive of each other, in projects, problems or anytime we need support in our life. We all have hard times when we feel bad, not motivated or when we have personal problems. It’s normal to look for a shoulder 😉

Also, if another has new projects and motivation the other should always support him/her and push the person. And each other should always celebrate the successes and accomplishments of the other!

Trust is the key

To have a healthy relationship, trust is essential. We can’t build a solid and long term relationship if we feel the person is not trustable. Don’t waste your time if you think the person is not trustable. People don’t change. If you have already been disappointed, you will be in the future.

To build a healthy relationship you both need to decide to accord your trust at 100% to each other. Of course, it takes time but once it’s done, do it totally. Never track your partner by her/his phone and so on. It’s so unhealthy. And that will not lead you to trust.


The relationship must feel balanced and everyone should put the same effort into the relationship. Don’t let one person’s preferences and opinions dominate. But let each other deciding and make comprises when you can’t agree on the same thing. You need to feel that your needs, wishes, and interests are just as important as the other person’s. Of course, sometimes you might put in more (money, time, emotional support) than your partner, and vice versa, but the outcome always feels equitable.

If you want more information feel free to check one love org.

You must feel free

You must always feel “free” in your relationship. Free to see your family and friends and spend time with them. But also free to do what makes you happy. You must never have the pressure of doing something you don’t want to do. Or not doing what you want to do.

Have fun together

It’s so important to have fun together! Have passions in common, travel, photography, cinema, danse, sport or even drawing I don’t know. Have fun together! You need to enjoy spending time together and bring the best in each other.

A healthy relationship should feel easy and always make you happy. You need to be 100% yourself with the other. The relationship doesn’t bring your mood down but cheers you up. Of course, no relationship is fun 100% of the time but the good times must definitely outweigh the bad!

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