The complete Dominican Republic travel guide : best places to see

Hey Fam! Today we are sharing with you our amazing experience in Dominican Republic. We have been there 2 times and we loved this island. Ok I know it is super touristy but it’s beautiful. As all the Caribbean islands, you can imagine the white sand beaches and palm trees. If you are looking for a chill destination with gorgeous beaches to spend your next holidays, you might love this island.

Dominican Republic is perfect for couples and families. It’s a beautiful destination to spend holidays and have a mojito in the beach. You can also of course have adrenaline there, chase waterfalls and visit close islands like Saona island.

Ready for our complete Dominican Republic travel guide? Let’s go 😉

When is the best time to visit Dominican Republic ?

As the other Caribbean islands, the best time to go there is between May and August. May is the best month, with great weather and low season prices, May is considered to be the best time to visit the Dominican Republic.

We have been there twice during summer (July and August) and we were super lucky with the weather it was sunny all the week. But you need to know that summer is the peak season and that it’s super touristy. So, to avoid tourists, you can come in May or June.

Where to stay in Dominican Republic?

Cheap hotel

There are hundreds of hotels in Dominican Republic. Most of them are huge hotels with 500 rooms. They are hotels with bars, nightclubs, several restaurants, pool parties and so on. The good side is that you can find cheap prices to stay one week at less then 100$ per night. You will easily find these hotels on internet.

Boutique hotel

But if you are looking for smaller hotels with charm, we highly recommend you to look for boutique hotels. For example you have the Eva Luna villas in Punta Cana or the Tortuga bay. They are both members of the small luxury hotels of the worlds. The price will be around 150$ – 200$ per night.

What activities to do in Dominican Republic

Chill on the beach

You can definitely enjoy your stay and chill on the beautiful beach next to your hotel. Many hotels are offering activities in the resort : paddle, kayak, snorkeling… But honestly we recommend you going out of the resort. If you want to see the culture and visit unique places, you should do activities outside of the hotel.

Visit Saona island

During out last trip we decided to book a catamaran trip of a full day to visit the Saona island. And it was absolutely gorgeous ! It’s a tiny island near Punta Cana. We have taken a bus, and then a catamaran. Everything was organized by the hotel.

We spent almost all the day on the catamaran. We arrived at Saona island for lunch, we had an amazing lunch by the beach and then we had 1 hour to visit the island. It was absolutely gorgeous, a crystalline water with a white sand, like in the Maldives, really. Then we went to the “natural pool” and we have seen the beautiful red starfishes. Please if you go there don’t touche them and don’t take them out of water, they can’t breathe.

Visit Isla Catalina

Catalina Island or Isla Catalina is a beautiful island located 1.5 miles from the mainland of the Dominican Republic, near La Altagracia and La Romana. It is an occasional destination for cruise ships on Caribbean routes. It’s beautiful but very touristy.

Ready to visit Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a good destination for couples and families that want to see beautiful beaches and chill. Of course you can also go out of the resort and visit the island. There are beautiful waterfalls, uniques cities and islands to visit.

If you have more questions feel free to ask in the comments 😉 and let’s connect on Instagram @chiarabarrasso and @jelafaille


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