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We are Chiara and Jean-Emmanuel, a couple of professional photographers and social media content creators specialized in the luxury travel.

We create branded travel content and work with brands on strategic social media campaigns to improve visibility and traffic. We are working with different kind of companies from hotels, tourism boards to fashion labels or technological companies.

Depending on your brand goals, we can collaborate with you on branded content creation (photo and video packages), brand exposure (blog posts, Instagram posts and other social medias placement) or a mix of both to effectively reach your target audience and tell your brand’s story.

With a portfolio of experience in content creation, photography, social media marketing and endless creativity, we are happy to discuss collaboration opportunities.

You can see more of our work on our Instagram account (@chiarabarrasso) here

If you want to collaborate with us, please fil out the form below! We would be really happy to work with you! Feel free to request our media kit.