Chiara Barrasso & JE Lafaille – a travel couple

We are Chiara & Jean Emmanuel a travel couple based in France! Our biggest passions are discovering new countries and new cultures, meeting people all around the world, contact with nature and animals! Also, we are truly passionate about diving and sharks.

Through this blog, we would like to inspire the wanderlust in you and make you want to travel more and discover our beautiful world! If you are a travel couple, family, friends or a solo traveler you are welcome here! We are really happy to share our travel journey with you all and to have you here!

If you need travel tips and photography, social media and blogging tips and tricks, welcome here! You are at the right place!

We are now 130k travelers on Instagram and 102k monthly visitors on Pinterest thank you so much to each of you for your support! You are the best tribe!

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” We started traveling together 8 years ago immediately when we met. We wanted to live amazing adventures together and we had this common passion for discovering new countries. Our very first trip together was in Mallorca, Spain in 2012. We loved exploring the island and the wild coves. Then, we went to California during my internship and we made an amazing road trip. After that, we went to the Caribbean several times and we discovered we had a passion for diving!

Then, we started to share our adventures online 2,5 years ago and it was the beginning of our incredible journey! A few years after, we have reunited an amazing community of travelers around the world on social media and we are daily sharing our adventures with them! We wanted to inspire them to travel and discover our beautiful planet!

Also, during our travels, the more we felt in love with nature, the more we became more and more aware of the necessity to act for the planet. This is why we engaged ourselves in several associations like Greenpeace and surfrider. And why we are using our platform to spread awareness. We also started a plant-based diet for 3 years ago.

In this blog, you will find travel and photography guides but also posts about sustainability and personal development. We are really happy to have you here and to connect with you! Let’s travel together!

Chiara & Jean Emmanuel “

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