The Samsara, one of the best luxury hotels in Ubud

During my recent trip to Bali, I had the pleasure to stay one night at the wonderful Samsara, one of the best luxury hotels in Ubud. Waking up in the middle of the jungle and hearing nothing but the sound of the birds was an amazing experience. It was seriously so peaceful and relaxing! Also, we had a floating breakfast in our private pool, which is always a fun thing to do in Bali! By the way, if you are planning to visit Bali, you can also read my complete Bali travel guide here!

When we arrived at the Samsara, for sure one of the best luxury hotels in Ubud, we discovered a wonderful infinity pool surrounded by the jungle. We were welcomed warmly at the reception with a welcome drink and some pastries. Then, we went to our home for the next night, a beautiful villa perfectly hidden in the jungle.

The Samsara, one of the best luxury hotels in Ubud

My experience at the Samsara Ubud

A beautiful villa with a private pool

We discovered a beautiful and luxury villa with a modern and typical decoration at the same time. There was a terrace with a gorgeous private pool with a view of the jungle. Also, the room was beautiful, the bathroom was really spacious and we even had an outdoor shower.

Also, the day after we had an amazing floating breakfast in the pool, served in a cute boat-shaped basket. The food was delicious, we had fresh fruits, toasts, cereals, and fresh watermelon juices. Obviously, we had to make memories, so we took a few photos!

Chakra massage at the Spa

We also had an amazing 2 hours Chakra massage at the beautiful Spa of the hotel. It was a very special and original massage, and it was the first time I had this kind of massage.

The difference between a chakra massage and a regular massage is that the practitioner or person giving the treatment has knowledge of the locations and functions of the chakras and the use of additional modalities such as oils, frequencies, etc. They will: 

  1. ground their own energy before starting
  2. make sure the room is warm enough
  3. properly connect with you
  4. align with your intentions for healing
  5. work with the intention to balance and heal each chakra
  6. facilitate your connection with your body’s wisdom

After that, I promise you will be so relaxed and destressed!

The outdoor cinema

Then, we had dinner at the outdoor cinema. It was really fun to watch a movie outside and have dinner at the same time! It was really cozy, we were installed on poufs with some plaids. We were ready to watch a lovely animation movie! They have different kinds of meals: Balinese meals and also international ones, and they have vegetarian choices which is really nice.

Are you planning to visit Ubud?

Honestly, we had an amazing stay at the Samsara Ubud, the hotel was absolutely gorgeous, surrounded by the jungle, the service was excellent and the staff was really kind. I definitely recommend staying there, it’s the perfect place for a couple or a family! If you have never been to Ubud, you should definitely add this place to your Bali itinerary! 😉


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