The best luxury hotels in Ubud

You always have been dreaming about visiting the beautiful city of Ubud in Bali? Having an authentic experience? Having a floating breakfast in a pool? Or a romantic flower bath? But you don’t know where to book your next stay? Here are all the best luxury hotels in Ubud! We have been several times to Bali and Ubud will always be our favorite place on this island. We have stayed in many different hotels in Ubud and today we are able to give you our honest feedback about the hotels we stayed at and advise you on the best hotels in Ubud!

What makes these hotels so special is their location in Ubud, the fact there are surrounded by jungle but not only! Some of them are really special and will make your stay unforgettable! Are you looking for a romantic stay? an authentic or a relaxing stay? We will let you know which hotel is the best for you! Let’s start! 😉

Where is Ubud? How to get there?

Ubud is located in the center of Bali. It is a province of Gianyar. Of course, Ubud is not only the flower baths and floating breakfasts. Despite the strong development of tourism, Ubud is still one of the most authentic places in Bali. We can easily feel the marks of the Balinese culture. There are many temples that you can visit. You can even have a traditional water or fire ceremony. There are Segehan everywhere in Ubud in front of the doors, which are Hindouists offerings. Also, Ubud is surrounded by nature and jungle. This is what makes this place so special and unique.

To reach Ubud from the airport in Denpasar, you will have to take a taxi. There are only 25 kilometers between Ubud and the airport but it will take you not less than 1 hour or 2 hours to reach Ubud. It really depends on the traffic, which is insane in Bali. If you are going there early in the morning or late in the evening that will be faster!

The best luxury hotels in Ubud

Udaya resort & spa: a romantic stay

The Udaya resort & Spa is honestly our favorite one in Ubud and even in Bali. This is one of the most beautiful resorts we have ever stayed at. The hotel, hidden in the jungle, on the heights of Ubud, is a real gem. The main pool is totally surrounded by the jungle, you really have to impression to have a swim in the wild. It is perfectly located in the center of Ubud.

Also, the villas are absolutely incredible, they are really spacious and have privates pools with fountains. You can even have a flower bath in your bathroom. Nothing is more romantic and relaxing! You can also have a flower bath at the spa after a 1-hour traditional Balinese massage as we have done. See the photo on the left! And the staff is absolutely adorable.

Honestly, we had a fantastic experience at this hotel. We can only highly recommend you to stay there. If you are looking for a romantic stay, you should definitely book at the Udaya resort & Spa!

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The Samsara Ubud: a peaceful stay

This luxury hotel is absolutely incredible. The Samsara is located 40 minutes driving from the center of Ubud. What is perfect to fully relax and enjoy a peaceful stay, far from the noise of the city. All you will hear when you wake up is the sounds of birds. It is the perfect hotel to take time for yourself and relax with your loved one.

What makes this hotel special is mainly its amazing infinity pool with an insane view of the jungle. Also, there is an outdoor cinema which I found really cool! You can have dinner outside, watching an old movie! This can not be cooler! The villas are absolutely stunning, and you will have an outdoor shower and a private pool. You can also order floating breakfast, served in a lovely boat-shaped basket.

Moreover, you can have a 1-hour chakra massage at the beautiful spa of the resort. That will leave you totally destressed and free from negative energies. This hotel is definitely one of the best luxury hotels in Ubud. If you want to learn more about this hotel and see more photos, read our Samara Ubud post

Fivelements retreat: an authentic stay

This hotel is really special because it is a wellness retreat deeply rooted in the ancient Balinese traditions. It is a peaceful and authentic place. Indeed, the concept is based on “living well”, inspired by the Balinese culture. This encourages us to nurture harmony with nature and the environment.

In this eco-conscious resort, you can have a yoga class, meditation, and sacred arts. But also traditional Balinese massages, beauty spa rituals, and flower baths. Also, they are offering an inspiring plant-based food culinary retreat for health. The resort is surrounded by beautiful gardens, plants, and flowers which give the impression to be in nature.

We have spent a full day here, we started our day with a traditional Balinese massage in duo. We had the possibility to chose between 3 essential oils. It was amazing and super relaxing. Then, we had a beautiful flower bath near the river. I wish you could have smelt these flowers! These rituals were so relaxing. We have spent an amazing moment. Then, we had the chance to be a part of a traditional “fire ceremony”. And it was really interesting to discover their culture. After that, we had a fantastic 3 courses plant-based lunch.

To conclude, we left the resort totally relaxed and destressed! Honestly, if you are looking for relaxing, destress, reconnect with nature and learn more about the Balinese culture, you should definitely stay at the Fivelements or have a full day there! If you are interested in this resort, you can read our full post about our experience at Fivelements Ubud!

Puri Gangga resort: a fun and interactive stay

Our stay at the Puri Gangga resort was one of the coolest and the most interactive stay we had. They are plenty of activities to do at the resort! First of all, the resort is perfectly located near the rice terraces. So you can easily get there early in the morning when tourists have not arrived yet!

Also, the resort is offering Balinese cooking classes, traditional Segehan confection for offerings, or yoga classes. We have done these activities and it was amazing to learn more about the Balinese culture and have fun at the same time!

Moreover, the resort has a beautiful main infinity pool with a view of the jungle, where you can have a floating breakfast. Also, the villas are absolutely gorgeous and have a terrace with a view. Their spa is amazing too, you can also have a 1-hour Balinese massage and then a beautiful flower bath!

The staff is incredibly kind and is always there if you need anything. We had the chance to spend time with them and learn more about their culture.

To conclude, if you are looking for learning more about the Balinese culture trough different classes and having fun at the same time, this resort is for you! 😉 This one is also definitely one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Ubud!

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