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The World tour pack consists of 6 main presets created all around the world: Bali, Maldives, Thailand, with adding a slight variation to each of them (to those of you who are still not very proficient in Lightroom) so there are 6 presets total.

This collection is perfect to take your photos to the next level and give a personal touch to them.

PRESET 1 DRONE SHOTS – The first one is for your drone shots

PRESET 2 JUNGLE – The second preset is specific to jungle, forest and for every greens.

PRESET 3 MAGICAL SUNSETS & SUNRISES – The third preset is for sunsets and sunrises, to enhance pink, yellow and orange tones

PRESET 4  TROPICAL – The fourth one is for tropical destinations, beaches and blues tones

PRESET 5 CITIES – This preset will be perfect for your city shots!

PRESET 6 WARM TONES – The last one will be used to warm up your photo and give it a vintage effect