The ultimate Maldives travel guide

This is our Maldives travel guide !

The ultimate Maldives travel guide


Hi everyone this is my Maldives travel guide! You will find here how to go to the Maldives, which hotel to chose, what prices, what is the best time to go there or what activities you can do there! Hope it will helps you! 😉

Why go to the Maldives?

The main reason to go to the Maldives is of course for the beauty of these islands, the beautiful beaches, made of turquoise water, white sand and palm trees. Also for the amazing weather, if you come at the good time, the sun is always present, it never rains and the température is perfect! The water also will be really warm!

An other reason to go there is for diving/snorkeling. The Maldives are one of the best spot of the world to see marine animals: sharks (nurse, black tip and whale shark), dolphins, all kind of rays (Manta, Sting and Eagle), turtles and a lot of beautiful colorful fishes. The submarine biodiversity is really rich there. Even if it is sadly declining because of the global warming, and temperature of the water…

When to go there?

The best time of the year to go to the Maldives is between January and March because it is the tropical time. So it is sunny most of the time and the temperature is around 30°. Don’t go there between May and December it may rain a lot and it will be windy!

Which hotel to chose?

There are more than 80 hotels in the Maldives, and all are at different prices. So you have the choice! For the less expensive hotels, a room on the island will costs your around 100$ per night. For the most luxurious hotels, if you want to stay in a water bungalow with a pool it will be around 800$ per night.

How to go to the Maldives?

If you want to go there you have to book a flight for Malé, the capital of the Maldives. Next, your hotel will arrange for you a transport from the airport to the hotel, because all the hotels are located in different islands. It can be another flight, a speed boat or a seaplane, it is depending of the hotels and what companies they are working with. But you can’t go by yourself to the hotel, you need to tell in advance your schedule to the hotel to let them organise your transportation.

What activities to do there?

You can do diving or snorkeling it is fabulous there. But also a lot of activities depending on which hotel you will choose (kayak, surf, paddle, boat trips, excursions to other islands…) But the sunset cruise to see the dolphins is definitively one of the best!

Also, you can bike around the island to discover secret beaches and sandbanks. You shouldn’t stay at the same beach because the islands out of there are full of surprises!

Then, in all the hotels you will find coconuts you need to try it is so good!

And the sunrises and sunsets are just stunning in the Maldives!

I hope you liked this Maldives travel guide! And hope it will helps you to plan your travel! Can’t wait to hear your stories, have you ever been there? Are you planning to go there? To know all about our trip there click here! Have a great day! And stay tuned for our next trip! 🙂


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  1. Jeanne
    21 février 2018 / 22 h 48 min

    Tu as une super qualité tu utilise quel matériel ?

  2. Tania
    21 février 2018 / 22 h 52 min

    Coucou Chiara !
    Super article ! C’est vrai que les Maldives est un rêve depuis longtemps ! Tes photos sont vraiment magnifique ❤️

  3. Ugo
    21 février 2018 / 22 h 58 min

    Salut ! D’abord bravo pour tes photos ! Je me fais un plaisir pour découvrir les nouvelle photos 😉
    Tu as parlé plusisuers fois de plongée dans tes articles mais est ce que tu vas mettre des photos de plongée sur ton blog ? 😊

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